No, that’s not iced tea

I was told to do something crazy. Well, this one’s for you, Jen.

Company took us out to the Beer Engine in order to welcome us to Exeter. Everything was on the house, and this was perhaps the safest place I could do it in terms of company and self-restraint, not to mention I was in a country where it was actually legal…so I got a half pint of Silver Bullet, made in the brewery right there.

Wow, beer tastes like shit. It reminded me of this bitter tea that my parents make when I’m sick. Fish and chips were well made though, and the mango-apple juice I had to wash away the piss was quite good. And none of it coming out of my pocket was even better.

8 comments on No, that’s not iced tea

  1. what a cop out! semi-legal, moderate drinking? where’s the outrageous (done-while-sober) behaviour?

  2. it looks more like apple juice than iced tea, see.. 😛

    weirdly, the only time i had beer, it wasn’t that bad. sam adams white ale or something. o.O

  3. Oh yeah beer is the worst, Im convinced guys only drink it because its the dude’s version of makeup for chicks (“Come on, try it! Everyone else is doing it, it’s gonna make you look soooo manly”)

  4. Ha! I have never had beer, for that exact reason- I didn’t like the taste of it. I hear some of it is really good, but I can’t remember which ones are.

    1. Bleh, everyone I talked to that day was like “yea, it’s acquired” and “no, beer pretty much tastes the same as that” and “yea I don’t really drink it for the taste.”

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