Month: July 2008

“And I had a great time with this lovely young Chinese boy…”

Did I really just go jive dancing? More importantly, did I just enjoy it? Did I take up plenty of space on the dance floor, spinning my partner about? Was I really energetic? Confident? It’s such a stark contrast to my behavior right now. The Steven who will contently sit in front of a computer […]


Okay, I figured that the keyboards here in the UK might replace the dollar symbol with the pound sign. I can fix that. What I can’t fix are the small physical differences in the keyboard that are totally messing with me. When I trained to touch-type, I took into account that the enter key and […]


Random things I’ve learned while here: If you’re cooking meat and don’t know if you’ve cooked it long enough, do not take a bite out of it to check. Squishy = bad. Rock climbing barefoot is an exercise in pain tolerance. Don’t do it. A sunny day can and will turn to rain soon enough. […]

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