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Oh, and hot apple cider.

It has been over 30 hours and the heat in my building has yet to fully come back on. At least my hands are no longer shaking. Thank goodness for a laptop and (limited) outlets in the study lounge.

Edit: Okay, it's back on now 😉 .

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Can a couple have a glaring problem go unnoticed until a better lover comes along?

If it was grounds for breaking up, why was it not noticed before?

If it was noticed but ignored for lack of a better lover available, was the deserter justified in making the abandoned believe nothing was wrong and that their future was assured, even while unhappy?


Preceding the advent of okaasan

Are reunions really about enjoying each other's company and bragging about accomplishments? I get the feeling that underneath it all, everyone is secretly interested in not just seeing whether or not their friends have changed, but finding out whether they've changed themselves.