The Domain of Steven Pinnacle of Paperless Perfection



American Studies Teacher: "So, why did people act so recklessly in the 20s?"
Me: "Well, they had the attitude of 'Fuck everything'."
AST: *stunned* Umm, wow, okay...
AST, to English Teacher: "You know, Steven cursed in class today."
ET: "He what?"
AST: "He said the f-word."

--During an APCS presentation
Me: "So that's how the program looks. Now, onto the main class for the progra-"
*warning bell rings, class is almost over*
*anxious to leave, someone starts a slow clap to signal the end of the presentation*
Me: *dead serious* "Hey, shut the FUCK up."
*class starts clapping and cheering*
*teacher is trying to restrain nearly uncontrollable laughter/shock*

I'm a pottymouth.

Health final yesterday went pretty well. Had about 20 minutes leftover, so I jotted down a plea for a good grade, drew a smiley face out of smiley faces, and transcribed the Captain Planet. World health is health too.

Spanish regents tomorrow, US History regents Tuesday, Physics regents Wednesday. Tuesday after that is my last day, then I've got a day free before I start to work again.

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