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Close a door, open a door

Rejected: Columbia College, Johns Hopkins University.
Accepted: SUNY Binghamton, Boston University.
Waiting on (but is more or less in the bag): Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

I've said that I would be happy no matter where I got into, and that statement has held true. Unless RPI is willing to give me a full scholarship and a pet bunny, I will most likely attend Boston University. So I'll be seeing Kate among other *ahem* people.

I still consider RPI a very good school, but I'm just not sure whether I'd like its strong science/engineering focus. I still plan to major in computer science, and I do love computers, but I'm not always sure I have the skills to pursue it as a career. I'll definitely want to try other courses in college like psychology and maybe economics. RPI may be able to provide a better focus on computer science, but there's still some part of me that hesitates, and I'd rather keep my options open.

I really doubt I'll be talking much more about college now that this has been settled. The only things left to do are try to increase the drop in the bucket that is my financial aid package, and get a laptop. I'm looking for long battery life and feather-light, since I like dependability and I'm a weakling. The ThinkPad X60 seems great then, and at a decent price for an ultraportable if I only upgrade the RAM and battery off of the base package. It may look generic, but if anything, it'll just make it a less tempting target to steal.

But I'm still bringing my desktop computer. A growing boy needs his games.

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