Month: December 2004

At least now I have a greater resistance to flashbangs…

The anime movie Appleseed was a surprise hit for me. It had beginnings of an overly philosophical plot, but made sure the viewer wasn’t too confused throughout. Of course, the brains of those watching it were distracted by the absolutely gorgeous animation. It was a fluid mixture of CGI and anime style, better than Last […]

“Men, it’s been a long war; it’s been a tough war…”

280|1 I finished another drafting project. While this one is actually much cooler than the previous one, it’s only cooler in theory. We had to design a vacation house from scratch, with 2400 square feet to work with and only basic guidelines. The house I designed emphasized glass, light, and open spaces. Not only is […]

When I go to college, I’m taking my hard drives with me

Despite very uninformative subway posters and somehow avoiding all the commercials, I saw Saw. Let me just say, OH MY SWEET JESUS that was a great movie. It’s the best scary film I’ve ever seen, beating out Jason X (which wasn’t scary, but had softcore sex scenes and hot chicks, and actually made me laugh […]