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(7:36:39 PM): and he said ‘everyone expects kerry to spank bush’

This is going to be a bitchin' week, in a bad way. Don't expect anything till Saturday, earliest.


All this for a mediocre episode of Jack & Bobby

Friends don't let friends fall behind on four homeworks for American Studies.


My penis and brain stem are separate entities

While mis treatment and karma contribute to my chivalry, I realize that it's really because I wanted to prove them wrong. Whether it was in jest or not, there was truth resounding in that stereotype, one harbored by many people who've seen too much of the bleak side of relationships. This is unfair, and I'm a stickler for treating people justly. At some point I must have realized that simply telling them, "we're not all like that!" wouldn't do. After all, I have enough common sense not to believe that it'd really work like in the movies, followed up by some hot sexxorz. Rather, I chose to prove by example.

I don't believe that all men are evil while I'm the only good one, but when I act chivalrous, that's how I can make myself feel. The combination of gaining good karma and inching towards my goal is positively euphoric. It's like when a corporation donates to charity. Not only are they helping out the people on the other end, but they're establishing the reputation that corporations do give back to the community. The only difference is that I neither make billions a year nor have to give any of it out. The only things being donated are kindness, umbrellas, and jackets.

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I’m glad I saw Leo’s interview of Mitnick

Answering the question, "What is a friend?"


“Don’t you see the hot Puritan sex?”

-My English teacher, talking about a poem by Anne Bradford

"And tonight, you're gonna be reading a book all about hot Puritan sex."
-My English teacher, talking about The Scarlet Letter

Humanities so far has been enjoyable. Both classes have been engaging (remember, Humanities is Social Studies and English combined), and I actually participated enough to not have my name called when one teacher was listing names of who she'd like to hear more from. The homework assignments on the part of SS are both lengthy and never-ceasing, though, and I really need to use this weekend to catch up on it.

At today's prep school session I got my essay for writing class back, and I received one of the two 5s that were given out (a 6 maximum). Being that there were no 6s, the teacher read bits of our papers to the class. She read the other 5 paper first, noting the typical things teachers tell you to include in your essays. After she finished and took my paper to read, she looked it over for a minute, mentally saying, "Oh. It's that paper." She then told the class that she would not read my paper because it was simply too absurd. The teacher and I then had a public conversation about the paper, where I explained that it was meant to be entirely truthful and logical, though the sheer absurdity of the idea would make the reader amused and perhaps even stupified. After asking whether this was all my material (*pssh*), she then told me not to pull anything like this again (in very sugar-coated words, of course). No one knew what my paper was about because she refused to tell people, which made me chuckle even heartier. The smile on my face afterwards was a clear sign that I felt my mission in life had been accomplished.

During prep school I also got a chance to play phone tag with Yoli. I won.

Funny thing, Sims 2 gives me a CD emulation error even though I uninstalled everything related to CD emulation or burning, and I actually have a legitimate copy. The only way I can play it is on my brother's computer, on which it lags to the point where I've lost all interest in playing it.

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Cheap beer doesn’t burn, you know…

Even the clause "without alienating them (making them so angry or offended that they will not finish reading your essay)" can't protect them from my logical absurdity.

We had to write a solution for a major world problem. I received a 5 out of 6 for this.


The pain…the fire in my brain…stabbing me…the agony!

  • Period 1-Gym-Gym is funky this year. We have it every other day, and previously, during the non-gym days we would have another period of science. Due to budget cuts, however, we no longer switch gym with science, but rather on days with no gym, there is no class at all. That means I've got a free first period every other day, which is insanely cool because I can choose to sleep longer or get more homework/study time.
  • Period 2-Physics-And fuck, I'm gonna need that study time. Everyone says physics is hard, and that my teacher gives low grades. He seems like a nice guy, if a bit estranged. He's having us use an online homework system which requires us to download a PDF file and then submit our answers online. It was terribly convoluted when he described it to us, but the system is straightforward. It means I'm not going to get that before-school time to rush and finish my physics work, but if it's as hard as people say it is, I wouldn't have enough time anyway.
  • Period 3-Precalculus-The fact that I've not been strong in math at Stuy should be made up for by everyone saying that my teacher is nice and gives easy tests. So far the nice part is true, and only five math problems a night can't be beat.
  • Period 4-American Studies-This is a joint English/Social Studies course, so there's a lot of incest going on. There's a shitload of reading and notetaking to do, but isn't that always true? I'm going to focus much more on actually taking notes in class this time. I hate social studies.
  • Period 5-American Literature-Next period we move next door to English. The teacher is, simply put, cold and heartless. If you raise your hand he will give you no quarter if you provide a partial answer, he won't even hint that you're on the right track. He will act as if you did not get the right answer, thereby humiliating you, removing any sense of morale reinforcement and rendering you a mumbling ninny. Ooh. Ninny. To top it off, everyone says that he greatly values class participation, which means that it's going to be one fucked up year of English.
  • Period 6-Lunch-Food. The other white meat.
  • Period 7-Advanced CAD-Drafting was the cause of many droopy eyelids last year, mine included, but I'm still not discounting it as a potential career. The teacher is pretty cool, because everyone loves corny jokes as long as the joker knows it's corny, and you do get a sense of satisfaction when you've completed a drawing. It's like creating a work of art, except for us unartsy people.
  • Period 8-AP Computer Science-The only AP I have this year, and it's one that I'd take even if I didn't get credit for it. We're learning Java, and though the room makes me want to purchase stock in deodorant, we each get a computer to use. They're nice Linux computers with quiet keyboards. There's something orchestral about the clattering of keys as I type, but it's a nice change feeling the smoothness of typing on a quiet keyboard. Physical things aside, being in Linux means that while we're able to use Firefox and we get to play around in the UNIX terminal. Years of IRC already prepped me for moving around within the system, so I got into it without any problems.
  • Period 9-Computer Technology-aka Computer Hardware. We learn everything technologically related, from fuses to RAM to building a computer that will be used in the school. Combine this, APCS and ACAD, and this is a tech-filled term (much to my delight).
  • Period 10-Spanish-Another last period Spanish class. I already feel dead by the time this period comes around, and the fact that I just came from a very hot room doesn't help. The teacher is pretty nice and she's as unconventional as my previous one, so I expect to do a lot of singing and dancing (after all the windows and feet have been stowed away, of course).

My workload's been startlingly hefty, which is why I've been (very) lax in posting. This was the large post that was keeping me from posting quick tidbits, so I should resume my normal flow from now on.

  • Berserk is possibly THE coolest anime I've ever seen. It mixes blood, violence, character development and sex to make a medley that makes you want to keep watching the next episode, especially towards the end. The first episode makes no sense, so if you don't feel you can bear 30 minutes of confusing stuff, just start at episode 2. You won't have missed much.
  • Chobits gets credit for being able to mix the most perverted comedy in anything that was not a hentai with the most cute and heart-wrenching moments in anything I've ever seen, anime and otherwise. If you like romantic comedies and relish in perverted twists, you'll love Chobits. If you like romantic comedies and can bear perverted twists, the romance will captivate you anyway. It's good shit.

Don't ask how I got to the page, just laugh at its absurdity.


Reaffirming my Asianness

Every Saturday until the SAT in late spring, I'm no longer going to be able to sleep in. I'll have to wake up at 7:30 and attend Mega Academy to prep for the SAT. This means that I'll take one-and-a-half hour English and Math courses from 9-12, eat lunch at a random food vendor for 30 minutes, then return for a one-and-a-half-hour course in Writing. Add on the homework that's distributed in each class, and it's a bitch. Luckily, my Sundays are free, but for the second term of school (the first half of 2005) I'm also going to be taking the weekly Sunday test/go-overs. The work will simply never end.

I'm also disappointed that my Writing course isn't going to be as fun as I thought. The essay homework explicitly states that I cannot construct it in such a fashion that it angers or offends people. I'm just going to have to be overly persuasive in convincing people that mass executions are a solution to overpopulation.

Edit: I forgot to mention that I went through the code of my site (and my posts), and after a good cleaning, I finally managed to get it xHTML 1.0 Traditional valid. *phew*


Dood! *whips out knives and starts slashing*

If you don't understand the title, chances are you won't understand the obsession that's taken over my free time. It's leveling, leveling, and more leveling, but the devs were able to add twists that make each battle seem unique. Add the fact that there's always a place to use the characters that you've pumped to level 2000, that there's always something you could do to make them better and someplace you could use those better characters, and that's some extreme motivation to keep playing. Which is exactly what I've been doing. Sorry for delaying my posts further than normal.

Eye doctor's appointment tomorrow, so I'll find out the condition of my deteriorating right eye. Fun.

Then I start Mega Academy (SAT prep) on Saturday and school on Monday. I'm not looking forward to either, due in part to the fact that I'll be seeing the same people both times. And generally speaking, I'm dreading meeting that crowd.

Edit: "Together, we can lick breast cancer." I nearly died when I heard that. I'm going to press charges against Yoplait for attempted homicide.

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“And I can hear the cries of the willow tree”

No, I'm not. If anything, I bear that feeling at myself, because even though I could have tried harder, I didn't. I'm not sure why. I'd never held anything as precious in all my life, yet I didn't go out of my way to preserve it. That's not to say that I didn't make it better while it was there, I just didn't enlist the necessary people to make the reunion possible.

Perhaps I expected things to fall into place like they usually do. I've been relying on the strange luck that's thrown things my way, and it decided not to let me see it through.

I'm wondering what it was that triggered it, though. Was it something a friend said? Perhaps it was something that a friend did. Or perhaps it was her plan all along. I'm sure I could think of a thousand reasons, and yet I'm still not sure if I want to know the answer. Is it because I'm scared of what it might be?

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