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Rurik von Diesel, duskblade

Written for Elliot's Dungeons and Dragons campaign as a snippet of the backstory to my character, Rurik von Diesel. The campaign is set in Eberron, but it could easily have taken place anywhere.

Rurik is one of my recurring characters, used for dwarven fighter-types. Honey is my other recurring character, used for innocent, saccharinely sweet charmers. The surname von Diesel came from an impromptu exchange I found myself in when Rurik was still surnameless yet needed to prove his bravado through force of name.

In this campaign Rurik becomes a duskblade, an elite swordsman who combines sword and sorcery. His constant drills and focused training allows him to wear ordinarily restricting armor while casting spells, and practice lets him perfect his signature move: channeling a spell through a swing.

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First day of Ballroom Dancing, and while the teacher explains the BOOM CHIK CHIK CHIK beat all I can think of is Patapon. I had to stifle many grins and laughs, which would have made me look a little silly in front of all the girls. I say it like I was on show in front of the class, but when you're one of only a dozen guys standing in front of three dozen girls, "in front of all the girls" is a very valid term for your level of exposure.

I feel bad for the females, being just one of many, with so few guys to pair up with. BUT NOW THEY KNOW WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO BE IN COMPSCI. (And so do I. It's good.)

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