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“There are 8000 Yiddish words for penis. There’s a volume of the dictionary with the words Penis through Penis.”

Period listings taken from my Sconex profile.

PERIOD 1: Pre-porn warmup (Mr. Quagmire)

PERIOD 2: Architecture (Mr. Rothenberg)
Rothenberg is one of the craziest teachers ever, but that's why we love him. Tons of corny jokes, random references, and random tangents make me stay awake during his lessons. Not to mention I'm considering architecture as a minor/hobby, so the lessons themselves hold interest for me.

PERIOD 3: Architecture (Mr. Rothenberg)
Stuyvesant mandates a type of class called a "10 Tech" during your senior year. These are in the same suit as the 5 Tech classes required in junior year (photography, advanced CAD, robotics, etc) but take up two periods a day instead of one. I don't mind, and in fact I like it, especially because I do well in the class and since the teacher is writing a recommendation for me, I want to shine as much as possible.

PERIOD 4: Electronics (Dr. Majewski)
This is the slacker 10 Tech for the nonartistic. The artistic slackers take Acrylic Painting, the nonartistic slackers take Electronics. Hence Acrylic Painting is mostly girls, and Electronics is mostly guys. But despite exams only being 5% of the grade and being guaranteed a 99 if I simply showed up to class, I'm actually interested in Electronics. Especially because we're using this cool electronics kit, and I love to play around with stuff.

PERIOD 5: Lunch (Mr. Thepersonthatmakesmylunch)
I'm so alooooooone. Except for you, Joanna. And Kimberly and Paul, but I don't even know if they go to lunch.

PERIOD 6: Ap english literature (Mr. Gern)
I'm going to sleep. But I'm going to sleep with friends. Wait, that doesn't sound right...

PERIOD 7: System level programming (Mr. Zamansky)
Everyone loves Zamansky. I think I will too. The computer room we're in got a major overhaul, so it's on par with the computers we were using for AP Computer Science. Which is to say, not as good as the ones we'd play Quake III Arena on, but better than the ones that ran DOS.

PERIOD 8: Calculus applications (Ms. Rubin)
For what I thought would be a class full of jocks, I'm on comfortable terms with more people in this class than any other. And the teacher seems nice as far as math teachers go, so I think it won't be that bad.

PERIOD 9: American government (Ms. Feldman)
I have the opposite feeling about this class. She seems evil. I want Plafker back.

PERIOD 10: Post-porn wrapup (Mr. Quagmire)