Month: June 2008


When at the cash register I realized something: with this new currency, I don’t know how to count change XD . Two pounds, two pence, one pound, one pence, ten pence, twenty pence, fifty pence, I thought dollar coins were bad but this is ridiculous!


Leaving next Saturday the 28th instead of this Friday the 20th. Gone till the night of August the 16th. Unrelatedly, I need a hug. I am not fortunate enough to be in such good company this time around. And so, ladies and gentlemen, I go to sleep before midnight for a change.

My name is Steven, and I provide services selectively.

Yesterday was my second annual visit to the Licensing International Expo. Held at the Jacob Javits Center, it’s a convention that brings together brand owners and investors interested in licensing them. It gathers businesspeople of all stature, from independent artists in a one-man booth to industry giants in expansive and elaborate showcases. The expo is […]