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Chapter 1 – How Science Makes Progress

These are the notes I took for the first chapter of my astronomy textbook. I call it Chapter 1 - How Shit Gets Done .

  • The Scientific Method
    • WATCH SHIT Observe a natural phenomenon
    • EXPLAIN SHIT Develop hypotheses
    • PREDICT SHIT Make predictions for each
    • TEST SHIT Experiment with or reobserve the phenomenon to test the hypotheses
    • REDO SHIT Compare results, refine hypotheses
      • SHIT DON'T STOP Since hypotheses can always be refined, the scientific method is never-ending
      • CAUSE SHIT AINT DONE A theory can never be considered final
  • The Nature of Science
    • SHIT FIXES ITSELF Since models are always being refined, science is self-correcting
    • IF SHIT'S GOOD, SHIT CAN BE WRONG Theories also must be falsifiable and lead to further understanding, not merely serve as an explanation
      • THIS WAY SHIT GETS GOOD This leads to an increasingly accurate description of nature
    • LIKE I SAID, SHIT AINT DONE However science does not produce absolute truth, since none produced are final
      • BUT SHIT STILL SORTA EXPLAINS STUFF Instead, we glean tentative descriptions of phenomena
      • GIVE IT TIME, SHIT GETS GOOD Over time it will still reveal the objective truth
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Happy Father’s Day

(12:42:32 AM) TONY lN BROOKLYN: theres this one brand..
i forget what its called but
(12:42:37 AM) TONY lN BROOKLYN: its the prettiest one of all
(12:42:39 AM) TONY lN BROOKLYN: it has like
(12:42:45 AM) TONY lN BROOKLYN: little subway circles on them
(12:42:50 AM) TONY lN BROOKLYN: like 7 train, A train, etc
(12:42:55 AM) TONY lN BROOKLYN: dammi whts it called hld on let me think
(12:43:10 AM) TONY lN BROOKLYN: oh yes
(12:43:11 AM) TONY lN BROOKLYN: life style?
(12:43:16 AM) TONY lN BROOKLYN: lifestyles? I dunno somethin like that
(12:43:20 AM) TONY lN BROOKLYN: anyway, buy those! really pretty
(12:44:33 AM) SarcasticSteven: ...
(12:44:57 AM) SarcasticSteven: just so i can make a "train's coming into the station" triple entendre?

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Sorcerer primary attribute + Most popular maschinenpistole, for the innumerate + S’aint chastity or engaged couples, it’s the second word, singular!

(10:14:49 PM) kninetales1988: Did you get married to a firebreathing ninja llama pony?
(10:14:58 PM) SarcasticSteven: hmm
(10:15:08 PM) SarcasticSteven: as far as i know, i was married to the sea
(10:15:17 PM) SarcasticSteven: but she might very well have been holding out on me
(10:16:45 PM) kninetales1988: are you married to just one thing?
(10:16:53 PM) SarcasticSteven: the sea is pretty big
(10:17:00 PM) SarcasticSteven: though don't let her know i told you that
(10:17:11 PM) kninetales1988: YOU CALLED HER FAT
(10:17:35 PM) SarcasticSteven: it's all water weight
(10:18:04 PM) kninetales1988: that's not nice. if you think she's fat, you should say something.
(10:18:36 PM) SarcasticSteven: hey i don't go around asking her why she's so obsessed with capsizing ships and consuming sailors
(10:18:43 PM) SarcasticSteven: and she doesn't ask why i never visit her anymore
(10:18:58 PM) SarcasticSteven: it's a delicate truce
(10:19:23 PM) kninetales1988: maybe she's missing you. and capsizing ships because she's lonely
(10:19:43 PM) SarcasticSteven: a likely story
(10:20:09 PM) SarcasticSteven: if she really loved me she wouldn't be taking so many men into her folds
(10:20:15 PM) SarcasticSteven: she knows how jealous i get
(10:21:01 PM) kninetales1988: well if you never visit maybe she forgot
(10:21:56 PM) SarcasticSteven: but what do i know
(10:22:27 PM) SarcasticSteven: i don't have poets spinning words about me all day
(10:23:05 PM) SarcasticSteven: i don't have full-grown men pining to travel along my expanses for the rest of their lives
(10:23:46 PM) SarcasticSteven: maybe it's just a natural consequence for someone in that position to turn into a traitorous harlot
(10:24:21 PM) kninetales1988: you and her should see a marriage counselor
(10:24:48 PM) SarcasticSteven: it's kinda hard to find one who will see both of us
(10:25:07 PM) SarcasticSteven: or rather, to have a proper meeting
(10:25:53 PM) SarcasticSteven: i hate going to the beach, and when she comes to see me, weather emergencies blather about and everyone starts evacuating the city
(10:26:03 PM) SarcasticSteven: the counselors included

And a riddle because Shelly had been complaining.

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Fireman’s hatchet variation + Penny

Unconsciously giving a Southern drawl to a West Indies plantation owner during a play reading in Writing 150 was totally unexpected but surprisingly fun once I realized what I was doing.

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Not that I was going to sleep anyway


I realize that the Red Sox entering the World Series fills your understandably dull lives with rich meaning and incomparable delight, but please, refrain from having a car horn orgy. We can all see that you are fully capable of tapping your car horn multiple times in succession, but might I suggest you instead apply that skill elsewhere, like video games or channel surfing? Or maybe while in bed with your wife? (Tip: neither the texture nor the corresponding sound will be the same.) (If either are, seek medical attention immediately.)

Thank you.

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Topics to discuss during office hours

From Always Excel: Campus Markers and the Purpose of Boston University

As students at Boston University, we are expected to learn many things before we enter that right of passage called graduation... Mathematics may be used to rob a bank; chemistry used to kill; penmanship may be used to forge a check; psychology may be used to cheat one's fellows.

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Which came first, the わりお or the わるいじ?

Waluigi - Evil version of Luigi
Waruiji - Japanese pronunciation
Ijiwaru - Japanese word for mean-spirited

waru - iji
iji - waru


If only Wikipedia didn't beat me to the punch.

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Note I left in the BU Dining Services comment box

Dear Mr. Fruit Basket,

I know you have a great reputation as a matchmaker, but all the fruit you've given me has been mediocre. I've gotten bored with the fat red apples you keep showing me. They may be sweet and nice, but I need some zest in my life.

That's when you brought that Cripps Pink apple to my door. His slim, toned body and crisp, tangy demeanor are what I've been looking for all my life. Set us up on another date.

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Japanese 111 wasn’t any help.

On this music video.

SarcasticSteven: wow wtf is this about
SarcasticSteven: utada is suddenly crazy emo stalker
SarcasticSteven: and everyone's going v for vendetta on their asses
SarcasticSteven: and...erectile dysfunction?
dabiggestDREAMer: ...what?
SarcasticSteven: exactly
SarcasticSteven: no clue what's going on in the music video
dabiggestDREAMer: where the f*** did u get erectile dysfunction from?
SarcasticSteven: when the black chick and the white guy are having sex
SarcasticSteven: and then he sits up straight and is like "...*moody*"
SarcasticSteven: the chick tries to comfort him but he's all like "zomgnoooo" and runs
SarcasticSteven: then punches away his frustration
dabiggestDREAMer: (i am laughing out loud)
SarcasticSteven: teehee
dabiggestDREAMer: i thought he'd be like, facing some inner demons
dabiggestDREAMer: or some shit more deep than a soft dick
SarcasticSteven: lol
SarcasticSteven: another theory i conjured up is that the black chick is actually a closet lesbian who has had feelings for utada ever since they were little kids
SarcasticSteven: hence the flashbacks
SarcasticSteven: and maybe she called out her name when she was having sex with the guy
SarcasticSteven: and then the guy is all like "wtf? unless this is gonna be a threesome, i'm out"
dabiggestDREAMer: ..
SarcasticSteven: and the girl is all mixed up inside, but runs after him
SarcasticSteven: and then she's all like "UTADA ZOMG"
SarcasticSteven: but utada goes flying like a ragdoll
SarcasticSteven: but not before she flashes a really sweet smile, because she loves her too
dabiggestDREAMer: i thought it was more best friend than lesbianism..but hey you never know XD
SarcasticSteven: they might've had some fling before she was dumped
dabiggestDREAMer: little children tho..i dunno
SarcasticSteven: but while utada embraced her lesbianism and always wanted her to be her last, the black chick wanted to fit in
SarcasticSteven: and it's in the moment before the car crash that the black chick gives in and they share a moment of compassion and love

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I win at math

(02:27:47) dabiggestDREAMer: you > everyone else
(02:27:47) dabiggestDREAMer: you = cute
(02:27:54) dabiggestDREAMer: <3
(02:27:56) SarcasticSteven: so...transitive
(02:27:59) SarcasticSteven: cute > everyone else
(02:28:06) SarcasticSteven: and therefore everyone else != cute?
(02:28:11) dabiggestDREAMer: LOLL

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