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The best examples stem from food or money

SarcasticSteven: there exist many different kinds of [data structure] trees SarcasticSteven: some of which end up having very complicated insertion and deletion methods SarcasticSteven: but which ensure that the tree is balanced, which ends up being a very important quality SarcasticSteven: it’s like if you had the choice between two burrito lines at warren [dining […]

“There are 8000 Yiddish words for penis. There’s a volume of the dictionary with the words Penis through Penis.”

Period listings taken from my Sconex profile. PERIOD 1: Pre-porn warmup (Mr. Quagmire) Giggity. PERIOD 2: Architecture (Mr. Rothenberg) Rothenberg is one of the craziest teachers ever, but that’s why we love him. Tons of corny jokes, random references, and random tangents make me stay awake during his lessons. Not to mention I’m considering architecture […]