The Domain of Steven Pinnacle of Paperless Perfection


Bird feeding



Right before I split off from the group to rest up at the hotel, I stopped to feed the birds by the water.


Chocolate shop bear



We found a chocolate shop while wandering Seattle. I have no idea what relation that has to this bear sitting on a bench in the middle of the store. Honestly, it looks kind of grumpy. And how often do you think they clean it? Ever?


Hotel guppy – Syrah



One of the perks of Hotel Vintage Park was a complimentary goldfish placed in your room on request. Just ask as the desk, and they bring up the fish and make sure to clean and feed it every day, leaving you to enjoy the soothing swimming.

Her name was Syrah! I wonder if she minded being placed right in front of the TV.


Light rail to downtown Seattle



After arriving in Seattle-Tacoma Airport, it was a straight shot on the light rail to our hotel in downtown Seattle. Our empty suitcases were waiting to be filled with swag!


On the plane over



When we weren't playing Divekick, Yi and Fred watched Star Trek while I dozed.


Bastion at JFK



As we were waiting for our plane at JFK, I spotted two of the creators of Bastion and Transistor: Logan Cunningham (left, narrator) and Darren Korb (right, audio director). When I went to ask for a picture, Logan recognized me! We'd met a couple of times before at past PAXes on both coasts, and I was delighted to know he still knew my face.

Heck, I'm impressed anytime a dev remembers me. They see so many faces during these conventions and have so many conversations, it would just be a giant blur for me.

Logan happily chatted with me for a bit as we introduced our friends to each other, and snapped a photo before boarding.