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Which came first, the わりお or the わるいじ?

Waluigi - Evil version of Luigi
Waruiji - Japanese pronunciation
Ijiwaru - Japanese word for mean-spirited

waru - iji
iji - waru


If only Wikipedia didn't beat me to the punch.

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Note I left in the BU Dining Services comment box

Dear Mr. Fruit Basket,

I know you have a great reputation as a matchmaker, but all the fruit you've given me has been mediocre. I've gotten bored with the fat red apples you keep showing me. They may be sweet and nice, but I need some zest in my life.

That's when you brought that Cripps Pink apple to my door. His slim, toned body and crisp, tangy demeanor are what I've been looking for all my life. Set us up on another date.

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Compulsive Research – 2U

Sometimes I wonder whether I made the right choice by majoring in computer science. There are definitely parts about the subject that I don't like: the algorithm analysis, the complex math, the debugging, the snowball effect that results from misunderstanding a concept...

But there are flashes of insight and revelation that completely reassure me that I made a good choice. They make me feel elated and ecstatic, turning my mind into a clairvoyant machine bristling with implications and inferences. My emotions snowball, but this time they gather understanding rather than confusion. Even when I'm doing math that seems way over my head, and that I've been struggling with for days, all it takes is that one moment of clarity to completely turn things around.

The most telling sign that computer science is a good fit? When I make those discoveries, I feel really, really geeky. And I love it.