Month: October 2004

Me gusta cantar, I like to sing, me gusta bailar, I like to dance…

Porque lo quiso. Casablanca is too cool for me to deny having seen it. Here’s lookin’ at you, kid. And Chobits was great. 24 episodes was a bit of an odd number, and I’m still shocked at the wild turn the emphasis takes on episode 17, but it was great. And the five-minute special was […]

“Move fast, and clear those murder holes!”

In case you haven’t been online recently, I’ve changed my screen name to SarcasticSteven, a tribute to my self-created nickname from the CTY ’03 icebreaker. That’s when I learned the word ‘alliteration’. Though the two terms I avoided using, short and skinny, are coincidentally also alliterations… Excalibur, *kicks into automatic mode* Stuyvesant’s premier role-playing club, […]