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“So, what’d you ge…” “Fuck you.”

On Saturday, I took the last old SAT ever to be given, and it went smoothly. I ended up getting either a few minutes worth of checking time, always put to good use, or finishing by the skin of my teeth (and let's say I just brushed my teeth, so there's not a lot). I was able to put down definitive answers for all the math questions, though I was less confident about some of the verbal, and on one I twirled my pencil around the scantron while not looking, hoping that the spirits would make the pencil home in on the right answer. We'll see.

However, in the game of studying, Steven-0, Procrastination-3.

Compilation of Amusing Conversations updated. Edit: Updated again on the 26th.

SarcasticSteven (10:38:11 PM): ok, abstract classes
SarcasticSteven (10:38:27 PM): (explanation)
SarcasticSteven (10:38:35 PM): let's say there's an abstract class called weapon
SarcasticSteven (10:38:43 PM): weapon's pretty vague, so you can't make a weapon object
SarcasticSteven (10:38:52 PM): but you can make classes that extend weapon
ProdigalElement4 (10:38:53 PM): = many forms
SarcasticSteven (10:38:55 PM): in essence, they're weapons
ProdigalElement4 (10:39:01 PM): like shuriken
SarcasticSteven (10:39:07 PM): so you can make a knife and a gun that extend weapon
SarcasticSteven (10:39:18 PM): weapon can have methods like kill()
SarcasticSteven (10:39:22 PM): because weapons kill
ProdigalElement4 (10:39:25 PM): it should be howkill
SarcasticSteven (10:39:30 PM): but each weapon defines it's own kill method
SarcasticSteven (10:39:39 PM): a knife will have a different kill method than a gun
SarcasticSteven (10:39:44 PM): but it MUST have a kill method defined

SarcasticSteven (10:42:06 PM): polymorphism
SarcasticSteven (10:42:21 PM): let's use the class weapon
SarcasticSteven (10:42:23 PM): again
HeadlessRoland12 (10:42:28 PM): yay
SarcasticSteven (10:42:30 PM): this time, it's not abstract
SarcasticSteven (10:42:35 PM): you can make a weapon
SarcasticSteven (10:42:44 PM): gun still extends weapon
SarcasticSteven (10:43:04 PM): you would normally make a gun like Gun pistol=new Gun()
SarcasticSteven (10:43:18 PM): however, because gun is considered a weapon, you can make a new weapon that's a gun
SarcasticSteven (10:43:26 PM): Weapon pistol=new Gun()
ProdigalElement4 (10:43:36 PM): eh?
ProdigalElement4 (10:43:40 PM): u can do that?
SarcasticSteven (10:43:42 PM): yea
HeadlessRoland12 (10:43:46 PM): but why
ProdigalElement4 (10:43:48 PM): wouldnt it still be a gun?
ProdigalElement4 (10:43:56 PM): wouldnt it still be the same thing?
SarcasticSteven (10:44:01 PM): it's a gun
SarcasticSteven (10:44:04 PM): let me go on
ProdigalElement4 (10:44:04 PM): since gun extends weapon
SarcasticSteven (10:44:08 PM): let's say you own a weapon store
SarcasticSteven (10:44:14 PM): a weapon array
SarcasticSteven (10:44:27 PM): you don't want to limit your inventory, so you carry guns AND knives
ProdigalElement4 (10:44:27 PM): (matrix jacket)
SarcasticSteven (10:44:41 PM): instead of making a gun array and a knife array
SarcasticSteven (10:44:44 PM): you can make a weapon array
ProdigalElement4 (10:44:53 PM): whats the difference?
SarcasticSteven (10:44:59 PM): and each weapon slot can be made into a new weapon, either a gun or a knife
ProdigalElement4 (10:45:04 PM): oh
HeadlessRoland12 (10:45:10 PM): i c
SarcasticSteven (10:45:10 PM): a gun array can't hold knives
ProdigalElement4 (10:45:11 PM): ohhhhh i kinda get it now

ProdigalElement4 (10:46:17 PM): i get dynamic binding sorta
CorpseDrk (10:46:22 PM): i think i can answer that
ProdigalElement4 (10:46:37 PM): its that an object could be set to several different objects
CorpseDrk (10:46:46 PM): you can make knives and guns as individual objects etc
ProdigalElement4 (10:46:48 PM): but its not figured out until it gets to runtime
SarcasticSteven (10:46:53 PM): yea
SarcasticSteven (10:47:09 PM): like, let's say you're doing an inventory of your weapon store
SarcasticSteven (10:47:22 PM): you check each weapon to make sure the weapon can kill
SarcasticSteven (10:47:26 PM): the weapon class has a kill function
SarcasticSteven (10:47:41 PM): but you don't use the gun's specific kill function until you run it
SarcasticSteven (10:47:46 PM): i.e. go on a rampage
SarcasticSteven (10:48:10 PM): RAMPAGE!!!!!
SarcasticSteven (10:48:14 PM): RAWRRRRR

HeadlessRoland12 (10:53:01 PM): wait so what is iterator exactlz
HeadlessRoland12 (10:53:07 PM): exaclty
ProdigalElement4 (10:53:17 PM): u can use it to help u in ur loops and stuff
SarcasticSteven (10:53:18 PM): make an iterator first, with Iterator itr=arraylistname.iterator();
SarcasticSteven (10:53:23 PM): it's like a spy
SarcasticSteven (10:53:37 PM): you make a spy to snoop around a certain country
SarcasticSteven (10:53:39 PM): or arraylist
SarcasticSteven (10:53:43 PM): and he stays in that country
HeadlessRoland12 (10:53:51 PM): ok
ProdigalElement4 (10:53:54 PM): *snoop*
ProdigalElement4 (10:53:58 PM): *snoopy*
SarcasticSteven (10:54:24 PM): so when you want to know if there are any more evil schemes (items in the arraylist), you call itr.hasNext
SarcasticSteven (10:54:34 PM): and it'll return a boolean
SarcasticSteven (10:54:40 PM): oh yea, parenthesis
SarcasticSteven (10:54:42 PM): like always
SarcasticSteven (10:54:55 PM): and if you want to know the evil plot, call
SarcasticSteven (10:55:10 PM): and it'll return the item that hasnext located
SarcasticSteven (10:55:50 PM): when you're making an iterator, is iterator capitalized at the end?
HeadlessRoland12 (10:55:57 PM): so how does it progress along the array
ProdigalElement4 (10:56:13 PM): how does it progree?
ProdigalElement4 (10:56:17 PM): progress*
SarcasticSteven (10:56:32 PM): it starts at the beginning
SarcasticSteven (10:56:37 PM): at the earliest evil scheme
SarcasticSteven (10:56:51 PM): then when you call next, it silently moves to the next evil scheme at the next index
SarcasticSteven (10:57:09 PM): that is, if there is another evil scheme

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Steven, are you sarcastic?

A number of people know that I'm shy to some people while talkative and open with others. I pinned it down to being overly considerate, as I'm always thinking about what the other person is thinking of me. I'm uneasier and shier about people I don't have a reputation with, because I feel like I have to spend more time carefully forging that repuation.

However, I realize that that reputation varies depending on who you talk to. To some people, I'm a shy little Asian boy who ghosts through math class. To some people, I'm that voice that chips in periodically to regurgitate a part of our homework. To some people, I'm a nice, kind guy who's there when you want to unload your stress (not that way, though I wouldn't mind). To some people, I'm a crazy, perverted, strange sound-making boy who sleeps a lot during class. There isn't a role I feel most comfortable in; I actually feel suited to all the roles.

It was when I mentioned that I could toggle perversion that I started to wonder why I was able to do that. I thought it was because I was good at controlling myself when the situation dictated. Some people were fine with that characteristic, and so I let it run wild. To others, I just wasn't sure, so I didn't let on that I could be that sarcastic or that random.

But why didn't I let on? If it's part of me, shouldn't I just have expressed it and let the people who didn't like it leave? No, time and time again I choose to only act how I think other people would like me to act. When someone meets me, I'm fairly reticent. If they're younger, I'm more inclined to act like an experienced teacher who has a student that needs help. If they're older, I do everything with deference and extreme respect. It isn't until I recognize teachers being supportive of whatever I say that I speak more often and more freely. I'm a sleeping ghost to some teachers, while to others I'm a sarcastic, insightful kid who's always paying attention and maintaining eye contact. It isn't until I feel that they'd accept me that I show me.

Because acceptance is what it's all about. Fuck "being yourself." I want to be liked. Being the shy Asian kid is the safe route. It seems that all this time, I preferred losing potential friends than risk making enemies. After all, not everyone likes people who crack perverted or morbid jokes. To the pruder people, I simply shut my mouth. They don't especially like me, but they don't hate me, so I haven't burned any bridges I might need in the future. That safety comes at the expense with many people, higherups especially, regarding me as even more boring and dry than I really am.

I don't know what enforced this philosophy in me, and I don't know how to undo it. Sometimes, I'd like to. Though I don't mind being small, I tend to have a lot more fun when I'm making sarcastic and perverted jokes, talking about random stuff that probably involves ninjas or death, and making random sounds. That's why I cherish my good friends so much. Out of the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people I've met, they're the ones who made the effort to probe and uncover my personality.

That's why I'm afraid of losing them. Because some time every day I have the feeling that it'll never happen again. That over the years, they're going to fade away, and luck will turn against me such that I fade into obscurity. In college, I won't be sarcastic Steven, I'll simply be that kid who didn't talk very much. And with all the bridges decayed around me, where would I go?

Yet somehow, even though I only had a single acquaintence in Stuyvesant, I was able to find good friends among the 800+ in my grade. I was able to find a whole range of people that I liked, and that liked me. It worked out. So about college, and the life beyond it...I'll cross that bridge when I get there. It'll all work out. I know it will.

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Excuse #5: I’ll make a bigger post later

Taking the old SAT on Saturday, and the new one some time around when prep school ends in April. I'd prefer that I got a high score on the new SAT, but it wouldn't hurt to take the old one. I'dve been prepping last fall whether I was taking the old one or not. This time, though, I'm going all out and not omitting a single question. If I scored anything less than astonishing, which would be the case if used the usual method of omitting if answers can't be eliminated, I'll have the new SAT to rely on. If for some reason I get 1600, then all the better. I'll still take the new SAT, but it's nice to have an extra shot at winning the lotto.

American Studies and AP Computer Science finals Friday. SAT Saturday. Prep Sunday. English Regents Tuesday and Wednesday. Physics final Thursday. Precalculus final Friday. School Tuesday. Three-day College Trip Friday. Mmm.


“Pie Iesu Domine.” *thunk* “Dona eis Requiem.” *thunk*

Time for the annual sacrifice, to show thanks that I didn't need that sung over me.


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Procrastination’s trump card

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A bit of everything, in fact

"...his biggest crime was simply the result of a deaf lackey who misheard his order of "A bit of light panic, I think, eh?" as "The ship Titanic, sink her.""

"The Matron lost her right hand after a vicious bite from a patient. But even this proved to be blessing, gone was her athritis riddled hand and in its place a state-of-the-art prosthetic that could operate the electro-shock machines in a ceaseless parade of agony and torture. Her sadistic methods were only uncovered when the Swiss electricity board decided to investigate just why a small village in the mountains was consuming more power than Zurich."

Evil Genius is a great game.

Half of the AP Computer Science final was on Friday, and I don't think I did that badly. I might've fallen asleep a number of times, both dropping my pencil and missing a question, but I caught it when I checked over my answers. Luckily.

In even more test-related business, I got the results of my practice SAT. Not PSAT; this is from prep school. I scored a 660 in Verbal (if only I could get a six added onto that...), 710 in Math, and 550 in Writing dropped down to a 500 because of my 2 point essay that was out of 6 points. Yay for writing inconsistency. Last term, I got almost everything from 2 to 6, so we'll see how wild my essay scores can get.

But it's a good score, and I'm not in bad standing for the colleges I'm considering. Most of the top schools are out of my league, and I'm fine with that. I was told to keep in mind Wesleyan, Colgate, and Tufts as schools to consider (not safety nor reach). So if you know anybody who went there, I'd love feedback. On the safety side, there's all the state colleges, which is fine too. I'd probably have a better chance of getting laid (though that'd probably be the extent of it). Polytech also seems like an interesting safety; my dad went there, and I'm looking towards an computer or engineering major anyway. If I happen to get into a liberal arts college like Wesleyan, I might look to see what psychology classes there are, though I already know I have an affinity for computers. This site is proof.

The reach schools are where it gets tricky. I'm smart, but not that smart. Few, if any, of the Ivies would considering scores lower than 700 in each, especially with my limited resume. I've just enough to cover a paper, but I'd need more if I wanted that much of a boost. I liked the campuses of Johns Hopkins and Swarthmore when I went there on the last College Trip (which I'll be doing again February 4-6), so those will be among the reach schools I choose. I also have a partial legacy at Columbia because my mother went to Columbia Nursing. Partial because I'm not looking to get into Nursing. It's like a ghetto legacy. My family's rockin with the ghetto Columbia azn pride.

It's doubtful there would be any rush, but that event is coming up in four days. It doesn't have as much significance this year, but it does mean we get to eat cool food. As well as cram for my American Studies final.

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Okay class, today we’re going to learn about the Steven Sort…

I bombed the latest AP Computer Science test (and by bombed I mean under 80 when I thought I did well). Most of the point deduction came from my imperfect knowledge of sorting. We were given a list of numbers, like [2, 6, 4, 11, 9] and we had to use a sorting method called Insertion Sort to sort through it step by step. However, I mixed up my sorts and threw my teacher off so much that I couldn't receive partial credit. It also threw me off when I reread my sort, as I couldn't recognize it and my friend couldn't figure out what sort I was using. It was sorted according to a certain procedure, but the procedure didn't ring a bell, so I thought I had made an entirely new sort. Taking the opportunity as it was presented, I named it the Steven Sort (alliteration!). I used the Steven Sort in a future program just to spite the teacher.

I later realized that the Steven Sort was in fact just a ghetto Selection Sort (more alliteration!) that sorted from the end of the list instead of the front. So much for the Nobel Prize.

Stuy teacher, telling students to relax and smell the roses: "I've never pulled an all-nighter in high school. Okay, I've pulled one. On prom night. But I wasn't studying; I was learning."

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Method of handling replies

Because (slight) interest has been expressed in the way I display replies to comments, and (slight) interest has been expressed in the method I used to set it up, I figured I should post the steps I took to make it how it is. All the code used here was made by other people; the only originality is the way I implemented the code. You don't need to know much to implement it; you just need to know how to upload a file to your server.


Updates of the purely textual nature

Updated the Compilation of Amusing Conversations and the About (insert word here) page (history section).

Edit: Compilation of Amusing Conversations updated again.

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Expounding on the previous entry

I watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind after hearing good things about it from a friend. And they were right. Not only does it have a cool name that's fun to rattle off at people, but it was touching, sweet, funny, and perverted in the right places. Jim Carrey was a good choice because a lot of the scenes are downright weird, and few people do weird like Jim Carrey. There aren't any subtle layers to dissect, as they literally tell you what's going on, but that's how I like my movies, books, and women.

Completely in a different genre, I read the first nine volumes of Battle Royale in a single sitting last night. Granted, I was first introduced to the series when Kate lent me the first volume, which barely hinted at the treachery, debauchaery, sexuality, and gore that would take a hold of the future novels. I loved every beautiful minute of it. Much to my changrine, though, the series does not end at volume nine. I hate not being able to finish a series almost as I hate not being able to start a series at the very beginning. I don't think the Japanese edition (as opposed to the Tokyopop English edition) is even done, and they're a good eight volumes ahead. *sigh*

It arrived yesterday. It was actually here two days ago, but I sent it to my dad's workplace, and it just happened that New Year's Eve was the one day he left early, so I waited until yesterday morning to get it. The only problem I've encountered is that it won't install the second firmware upgrade, but I can live without that. It works well, and it looks great. And I quote,

SarcasticSteven (5:43:44 PM): the blue light is hot
SarcasticSteven (5:43:49 PM): oh my fucking god
SarcasticSteven (5:43:50 PM): it's hot

I chose black to reaffirm whatever masculinity is left in me, and also because it was one of the few I could find in stock. The backlight makes it really shine. It came with a plastic holder which I'll never use, belt clip which I'll never use, stand which I'll never use, in-ear earphones which I'll never use (itchy), cloth pouch which I might use, and an extra battery which I'll definitely use. Keeping two batteries charged when the only way to charge it is to have it in the player may be awkward, but if it doubles my player's battery life, I'm all for it.


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