Month: July 2006

I win at math

(02:27:47) dabiggestDREAMer: you > everyone else (02:27:47) dabiggestDREAMer: you = cute (02:27:54) dabiggestDREAMer: <3 (02:27:56) SarcasticSteven: so…transitive (02:27:59) SarcasticSteven: cute > everyone else (02:28:06) SarcasticSteven: and therefore everyone else != cute? (02:28:11) dabiggestDREAMer: LOLL

“My Spanish teacher told me that if I went to Mexico, I only needed to know two words: cerveza and baño.”

-Random subway rider detailing the importance of beer and bathrooms Boston University Orientation from Wednesday to Friday. Forbidden to bring my laptop (and I should try to explore, anyway…) so I’m going to be listening to my recently rediscovered iPod Nano (its case made my parents unknowingly displace it, but also made it easier to […]