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Pokedex Image Database

My database project got full marks. I'll leave it up for a day before I shut down the server. I got all the way to #88, Grimer, before I got tired XD . Credentials for existing users are and password = password.

I incorporated a picture recommendation feature that looks at your pictures, determines the most common tags among them, and then returns five other pictures that include the most of these tags. This is most evident with Generic Trainer (, password) who has only uploaded Grimer and therefore is recommended purple poison Pokemon. Steven Li (, password) only uploaded Charmeleon and Charizard, so naturally he is recommended Charmander and to a lesser degree other fire, red, or lizard Pokemon.

All in all, it was a fun project that I should have started earlier. I had a blast just pumping out code, throwing it online and seeing it stick. I managed to whip it up in the space of three days, and while it is not shiny, I like how it turned out. And, you know, that it turned out at all. Debugging is such a time and morale-consuming unknown...

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*takes them down to where the grass is green and the girls are pretty*

They [robots] operate based on programs which, no matter how complex, follow rules. As broad as the scope of these rules may be, they are unable to do something that they have not been programmed to do. Human responsibility is derived from our ability to act outside of our scope: to recognize what we are doing, recognize the rules imposed by society, and then intending (under no other rule imposed upon us) to break them. - My philosophy paper

Yet their strength and their speed are still based on a world built on rules. Because of that, they will never be as strong, or as fast, as you can be. -Morpheus


In related news, the wild late-night birthday party the Spanish apartment across from me is having makes me happy and awake as I write the rest of the paper. They've played everything from I'm Shipping Up to Las Avispas to Free Bird and Wish You Were Here. They sing nicely for the Spanish songs and awkwardly for the English ones, though to their credit they know all the lyrics.

In class today, the teacher asked, "So what do you guys think? *silence* Well I guess you aren't thinking, because you were up all night writing the paper. And so I guess you didn't read the article either. *tangent*"

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SELECT * FROM pokeballs WHERE = “Pikachu”

For my databases class we need to design a photo-sharing website, along the lines of Flickr. Users can register and upload photos, assign tags to them, search photos by name or tags, and have photos recommended to them based on the tags.

Someone asked whether we would be given stock photos to upload to our site. No, the teacher replied, we would have to provide our own. Well good thing I have something in mind.

I am going to upload the original Pokemon and tag them based on their type and possibly family. "Like Pikachu? You might also like...Raichu, Electabuzz, Voltorb..."

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Except I can see the sun

The chilly, moist air reminds me of English mornings.

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