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My one and only

This is my early New Year's Resolution. I'm not going to think about her with lamentation anymore.

It's an interesting title though. One almost doesn't know which of the two I'm referring to.

words & music by jason mraz

Was it you who spoke the words that things would happen but not to me
Oh things are gonna happen naturally
And taking your advice I'm looking on the bright side
And balancing the whole thing
But often times those words get tangled up in lines
And the bright lights turn to night
Until the dawn it brings
A little bird who'll sing about the magic that was you and me

Cause you and I both loved
What you and I spoke of
What you and I spoke of
Others only dream of the love that I love

See I'm all about them words
Over numbers, unencumbered numbered words
Hundreds of pages, pages, pages forwards
More words then I had ever heard and I feel so alive
Now you and I, you and I
Not so little you and I anymore
And with this silence brings a moral story
more importantly evolving is the glory of a boy

you and I both loved what you and I spoke of
and others just read of and if you could see now
well I'm already finally out of

and it's okay if you have go away
just remember the telephone works both ways
and if I never ever hear it ring
if nothing else I'll think the bells inside
have finally found you someone else and that's okay
cause I'll remember everything you sang

you and I both loved what you and I spoke of
and others just read of and if you could see now
well I'm already finally out of words.

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Some food for thought

First, the art.

Edit: And a little extra.

ilikemiself24 (9:20:26 PM): Hey you were on my buddy list. Who is this?
SarcasticSteven (9:20:52 PM): you're not on mine
SarcasticSteven (9:20:55 PM): i'm not on yours
ilikemiself24 (9:21:02 PM): 😉
SarcasticSteven (9:21:24 PM): could you please repeat something after me?
ilikemiself24 (9:21:33 PM): i dont remembe ranymore lol
SarcasticSteven (9:22:04 PM): you know, there's a serious defect in bots in that they aren't effective against paranoid people
ilikemiself24 (9:22:15 PM): im not a bot, lol did u really think i was?
SarcasticSteven (9:22:22 PM): then can you repeat something after me?
ilikemiself24 (9:22:30 PM): maybe 😉
SarcasticSteven (9:22:41 PM): i like raunchy sex
ilikemiself24 (9:22:52 PM): i would probably feel the same way lol
SarcasticSteven (9:23:21 PM): what, about being a bot or being promiscuous?
ilikemiself24 (9:23:32 PM): i dont remember anymore lol
SarcasticSteven (9:23:45 PM): *sigh*
SarcasticSteven (9:23:53 PM): see. a defect
ilikemiself24 (9:23:54 PM): 😉
SarcasticSteven (9:24:31 PM): you should at least have it respond to statements offensive to a normal person
ilikemiself24 (9:24:50 PM): i'm gonna have to disagreeo n that one
SarcasticSteven (9:25:20 PM): the creator (i will refer to the creator as he) sorta got it right in that it showed offense to the accusation with the word bot
ilikemiself24 (9:25:31 PM): but i'm just getting to know u better
ilikemiself24 (9:25:35 PM): haha, has really funny pictures. have you ever been there?
SarcasticSteven (9:25:42 PM): however, once the word is removed, there is no recognition
ilikemiself24 (9:25:53 PM): u sure? lol
SarcasticSteven (9:26:10 PM): perhaps stating the word bot could set off a trigger that alters all future statements from the bot
SarcasticSteven (9:26:14 PM): so that the bot is more defensive
SarcasticSteven (9:26:22 PM): or rather, not defensive
ilikemiself24 (9:26:24 PM): y?
SarcasticSteven (9:26:26 PM): the bot should act more offended
SarcasticSteven (9:26:36 PM): that's what should be played on the most
ilikemiself24 (9:26:40 PM): im not a bot, lol did ureally think i was?
SarcasticSteven (9:27:05 PM): if the person trying to be tricked feels, even for a moment, that the accused is not a bot, the person will feel embarrassed
ilikemiself24 (9:27:15 PM): yeah it is so
SarcasticSteven (9:27:31 PM): i'm not sure how long this bot was set for, but i'd like to end it with the statement "i love raunchy sex"
SarcasticSteven (9:27:38 PM): so just pretend i said that at the end
SarcasticSteven (9:27:41 PM): now, on with the rant
ilikemiself24 (9:27:44 PM): lmao, im not a bot
SarcasticSteven (9:27:49 PM): too bad, i'm on a roll
ilikemiself24 (9:28:01 PM): ure weir dlol
SarcasticSteven (9:28:30 PM): so instead of having responses triggered to certain words, the words could increase or decrease a static variable
SarcasticSteven (9:28:41 PM): and responses would be chosen based on the content of that variable
ilikemiself24 (9:28:42 PM): have u ever been skydiving? i want to sometime...
SarcasticSteven (9:28:55 PM): this would make an interesting compsci project
SarcasticSteven (9:29:04 PM): i'd certainly have a large userbase
SarcasticSteven (9:29:12 PM): i mean, a lot of idiots like you want to use bots
ilikemiself24 (9:29:15 PM): -:P
ilikemiself24 (9:30:26 PM): where did u go? lol
SarcasticSteven (9:30:33 PM): so the timer is set for thirty seconds
ilikemiself24 (9:30:36 PM): You have been talking to a computer! One of your friends is reading the whole conversation and laughing it up right now! GET EVEN! Have the bot talk to all your friends by visiting
SarcasticSteven (9:33:07 PM): can this bot still respond?
SarcasticSteven (9:33:21 PM): i wonder if the owner could take control of it
SarcasticSteven (9:33:44 PM): though there must be lots of these, with aim's message limit
SarcasticSteven (9:34:16 PM): people are probably provoking it more frequently than 30 seconds a message
SarcasticSteven (9:35:05 PM): i wonder if it closes down all windows this bot isn't using, or only after ending the ten-minute conversation
SarcasticSteven (9:35:14 PM): that's a good limit, by the way
SarcasticSteven (9:35:17 PM): not too long, not too short
SarcasticSteven (9:35:27 PM): i would have to say something about the 30-second timer, though
SarcasticSteven (9:35:32 PM): perhaps shorten it a bit to 20
SarcasticSteven (9:35:36 PM): 15 is a bit too extreme
SarcasticSteven (9:36:00 PM): i sometimes take a minute to type something up, but usually only 5 or 10 seconds
SarcasticSteven (9:36:09 PM): as you can see, this last one was an exception
SarcasticSteven (9:36:30 PM): the random plugs for a site are good though
SarcasticSteven (9:36:37 PM): do you make any money off of it?
SarcasticSteven (9:36:53 PM): and it comes at a very low cost, too
SarcasticSteven (9:36:59 PM): all you need is an internet connection
SarcasticSteven (9:37:09 PM): no webspace necessary for ads or whatnot
SarcasticSteven (9:37:25 PM): though i guess it's even worse than popups in that people hate them
SarcasticSteven (9:37:45 PM): but sometimes it's not the click the advertisers want, it's the impression upon the viewer's mind
SarcasticSteven (9:38:06 PM): i once read a post in someone's blog that they started installing computer monitors in elevators where the author works
SarcasticSteven (9:38:20 PM): he hates them, but he tends to memorize whatever is on there every day
SarcasticSteven (9:38:41 PM): it's not meant to be interesting, it's just meant to make the unconscious initial impression when we see something
SarcasticSteven (9:38:49 PM): perhaps the fires of hatred make the impression deeper
SarcasticSteven (9:39:02 PM): we hate the ads, but we don't necessarily hate the product
SarcasticSteven (9:39:10 PM): so when it comes down to buying something, we remember it
SarcasticSteven (9:39:35 PM): and we think "you know, they really suck for putting those popups, but to afford to do something like that, they must be really rich!"
SarcasticSteven (9:40:03 PM): advertisers are pretty clever
SarcasticSteven (9:40:10 PM): or perhaps i'm outthinking them 😛
SarcasticSteven (9:40:16 PM): it's funny, either way
SarcasticSteven (9:40:28 PM): well, thank you for the blog material
SarcasticSteven (9:40:55 PM): i hope to see you again soon!
SarcasticSteven (9:40:57 PM): oh
SarcasticSteven (9:41:01 PM): and i love raunchy sex
Session concluded at 9:41:04 PM

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“Well, mine isn’t as deep as the last one…”

Written in the style of Walt Whitman's Oh Captain! My Captain! in the sense that it's an elegy and it follows the AABBCDED rhyming format.

Oh Spider! My Spider
By Steven Li

The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the water spout;
Down came the rain and washed the spider out;
Out came the sun and dried up all the rain;
But it was far too late, for the spider had been slain.
He tried to climb high;
He tried to hide low;
But no matter where the spider went;
The rain was sure to go.

All was swept away in that apocalyptic flood;
It didn't help that there was a torrent of mud.
No bird nor bee could manage to flee;
All were washed away in the now-present sea.
The spider fought valiantly;
A medal he could have won;
But his heart promptly ceased to beat;
For drowning was no fun.

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From Existing to Concept to Creation


The original assignment was to create a to-scale floor plan of three rooms in your house. My floor only has four rooms, so it wasn't that much of a stretch. That drawing is in the upper left, and it sparse since he told us not to include furniture.

We then had to create a floor plan of a home, the only rules being that I had to stay within the limits of the walls in the previous drawing. In the upper-right drawing, I freehanded what would go where. Since I could put anything I wanted, anywhere I wanted, I had a fun (yet difficult) time deciding what the house would look like.

However, theory is not always what happens in practice, as I learned from the final drawing at the bottom. Giving lengths to everything came after I made the concept design, so some things ended up not fitting. Indeed, the house ended up being fully furnished but very cramped.

But I like how it looks, and apparently my teacher did too. I handed it in two weeks late, which could have amounted to a maximum of seventy points taken off, yet that penalty was totally disregarded and I got a grade of 105. Score.

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“…when suddenly this fridgerator comes out of nowhere and lands on my head…”

"...which is why I'm here."

The move was performed by my host in less than 24 hours after I requested it late at night. The MySQL alterations were performed by me in less than ten minutes. I've got this domain for a year, so I'm here to stay.

Three men are standing at the gate to Heaven. They walk up to the gatekeeper, who gives them a sagely nod and tells them, "I'm sorry, but I can only let in those of you who died a horrible, horrible death." He turns to the first man and asks, "How did you die?"

The first man replies, "I had recently learned my wife was cheating on me, so I came home early to surprise her. I entered my apartment and walked into the bedroom to see my wife lying on the bed, sweating like she'd just had some action. I also noticed a pile of another man's clothes on the floor, so I knew the adulterer had to be somewhere in the house. I looked all over, but I couldn't find him. Then I had an idea. I walked out to the balcony, and there he was, hanging off the edge stark naked. I was angry at this guy for sleeping with my wife, so I started stomping on his fingers. Now, I live on the fourth floor, and I thought the drop would kill him, but he landed on a trampoline someone placed outside to be thrown away and simply bounced around a couple times before landing softly on the ground."

"By this time, I was furious. I ran to the kitchen, grabbed the fridgerator, and shoved it off the balcony. It landed on the guy's head, BAM he's dead. Unfortunately, I'm an old man, and this was simply too much excitement for me, so I promptly had a heart attack and died."

The gatekeeper gives the man a sagely nod, and tells him, "Yes, that was a horrible death. You may enter." The gatekeeper turns to the second man and asks him, "How did you die?"

The second man replies, "I had just finished taking a shower, so I went out onto the balcony for a bit of fresh air. I had just stepped out when my foot slipped and I fell over the edge. Now, I live on the fifth floor of my aparment, and I thought the drop would kill me, but I managed to grab hold of the edge of the fourth floor balcony, though I lost my towel in the process. I was there thanking God I didn't fall down five flights, when this man walks up to me and starts stomping on my fingers. I can't hold on, so I fall, but luckily this trampoline breaks my fall. I'm there thanking God again, when suddenly this fridgerator comes out of nowhere and lands on my head, which is why I'm here."

The gatekeeper gives the man a sagely nod, and tells him, "Yes, that was a horrible death. You may enter." The gatekeeper turns to the third man and asks him, "How did you die?"

The third man nervously replies, "I was hiding naked in the refridgerator."

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Estoy saliendo

I will try to inform everyone that I know visits the site, but because some of you may be lurkers, I'm taking extra pains to inform you as well. will be moving to . Yes, it's longer, but I'm willing to risk a greater chance of getting carpal tunnel syndrome for greater ease of typing as well as increased coolness. And the coolness factor is what this is all about, after all. I'm retaining the host, but switching from a subdomain to a domain account, and will subsequently have to alter a plethora of things to make WordPress (and Coppermine, for that matter) compatible with its new home.

So give me a few days to get everything running. This is the first time I've done a switch where I wanted to keep everything intact, and I may still goof despite directions. But now you know. *is absolved of all responsibility*

I will be performing the export of this site's MySQL databases tonight, so anything added tomorrow and beyond at dreamer will not be at the new site. That means if you have something you want to say to me and to the world, but have it erased forever soon after, tomorrow is the perfect time.


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Lo siento


I still don't have time for a real post, but the pictures from the College Trip should give you an idea of what transpired during my absence. It was fun, to say the least. Yes, even this was fun. Not to mention we had six CTYers including myself, two of which sat right by me on the long bus rides. Much random reminiscing and listening to the Canon. Though we'd always shut it off once the bus started showing one of the many Disney movies available.

There may or may not be a post coming on Friday, depending on whether he gets some action or not.

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And I slept at 3 AM why?

Gone Thursday to Saturday. Details once a drafting project and physics test fly over my head.

Me too.

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No, I can’t hear you now

I'm the last person to want to change their cell phone, but when one gets forced upon me, I can't refuse it. Such was the case today. My mother went out and bought a cell phone from Verizon, and one came free along with it. The Samsung SCH-a650 has more features than my previous phone but not ones I would really use. There's a planner (as if I have any plans to make), voice recognition (I'm not quite sure whether it picks up gravelly voices), a color screen (waste of battery), internet (it's crap, and it costs money), fancy ring tones (they cost money, and I prefer the default), and games (they're clunky, cost money, and waste battery). I guess my ideal cell phone would be one that I only had to charge once a year, with a one-line black-and-white display. *sigh* I haven't tested out the battery life yet, so that may not be so huge of an issue.

It has a clamshell design, and though it isn't any smaller than my previous cell phone, its screen is protected when not in use. My bookbag pocket has been made very dangerous because of the keys jingling inside it, so that's a plus. Perhaps the only plus that I really acknowledge.

There are a few non-design changes that I appreciate. I now have 400 minutes to share with my mother, 6 steps up from my previous plan. She doesn't use it very often. I get unlimited calling with her (though our calls are never longer than a minute), and unlimited night and weekend. I also get In calling, which means that I get unlimited minutes with other Verizon In users. I'm still gauging whether there are any people to make that a plus.

211|1 210|1

If you want to know the new number, give me yours first 😛 . Or at least some way to tell you.

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Did I ever tell you I love American Studies?

On Friday, the two American Studies classes went on an almost-all day field trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and then Central Park. I found the MET to be as boring as ever, because we completely skipped the Arms and Armor exhibit in favor of the American art and furniture exhibits. Bummer. I still got to see naked ladies, but what about the rapiers, flintlock pistols, or shining suits of armor? No, Washington's sword does not count.

And then we went to Central Park to understand what the fuck these stoned philosophical writers were thinking when they wrote the books we're now reading in class. We got to eat lunch by a very beautiful pond, and we even enjoyed the strong winds and chilly air.

After eating, our teacher told us to meet at Bay Bridge in 20 minutes, but did not tell us how to get there. We had a map and an emergency cell phone number, but that was it. Due to my slightly faulty sense of direction, we ended up going southeast when we were supposed to go southwest (it's not like we had a compass), and were promptly lost. We went in a circle, passing by a landmark we passed by 10 minutes ago, but Spiderman gave us directions. Yes, Spiderman. We had come across two horse-drawn carriages, the driver of one being dressed in a Spiderman outfit. He was very helpful, and though we were tempted to pay him to drive us, our limited funds made us content with being pointed in the right direction. We eventually got to where we were supposed to be, not being first or last, but being the only group who could say that Spiderman showed them the way.

I neglected to get a picture of Spidey, but these will have to do.

204|1 205|1 206|1 207|1 208|1 199|1 201|1 197|1 200|1 198|1 202|1 203|1

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