Month: June 2006

Being a musical madman

I realize that even when you’re alone, there’s something to be said about having another body next to you. Perhaps not the confession of love, but the sychronization and disembodiment of movement, the comforting display of empathy and sympathy, not the feigned apathy feebly covering up the antipathy of loneliness. No, that still does not […]

Commenting fixed

I’ve updated WordPress and SpamKarma 2, so commenting should work properly now. From what I recall, when you posted a comment it would lead you to a blank page. It would end up not posting your comment; instead, it left it in the trash bin (mine too! traitor!). I’ve taken the liberty of digging through […]

A Canticle for Cain

Written in the space of several hours the night before its graciously extended due date for Mr. Bonsignore’s Science Fiction & Fantasy Writing final paper. Emo? Perhaps. But it was an emo that let me pass the course.. Five inches? That’s a bit risky, thought Inanna. There are only two guards from what she can […]