Month: February 2005

Think it. Be it.

You know you’re a computer science geek when you get excited and happy about the improved efficiency of linked lists with tails after learning linked lists, or the convenience of arraylists after learning lists. I’m such a computer science geek. You also know you’re a geek that doesn’t like American Studies when your American Studies […]

“Sometimes I wish an oar would just hit me in my stomach and get rid of this baby.”

Classmate : “Nobody ever gets mad in the book [A Farewell to Arms]. It’s like a fairy tale.” English teacher: “They’re in Switzerland! You don’t get mad; you get neutral.” Edit: Compilation of Crazy Conversations updated. The compilation was lost. If anyone has it in their browser’s cache, I’d appreciate any record you have of […]

Physics is phun

SarcasticSteven (9:32:01 PM): i don’t get transverse/harmonic [waves] SarcasticSteven (9:32:18 PM): oh SarcasticSteven (9:32:20 PM): never mind ProdigalElement4 (9:34:08 PM): eh? ProdigalElement4 (9:34:14 PM): u might wanna splain that then SarcasticSteven (9:34:34 PM): ok SarcasticSteven (9:34:37 PM): think of it like this SarcasticSteven (9:35:00 PM): you’re taking a piss SarcasticSteven (9:35:12 PM): you’ve got a […]

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