Japanese 111 wasn’t any help.

On this music video.

SarcasticSteven: wow wtf is this about
SarcasticSteven: utada is suddenly crazy emo stalker
SarcasticSteven: and everyone’s going v for vendetta on their asses
SarcasticSteven: and…erectile dysfunction?
dabiggestDREAMer: …what?
SarcasticSteven: exactly
SarcasticSteven: no clue what’s going on in the music video
dabiggestDREAMer: where the f*** did u get erectile dysfunction from?
SarcasticSteven: when the black chick and the white guy are having sex
SarcasticSteven: and then he sits up straight and is like “…*moody*”
SarcasticSteven: the chick tries to comfort him but he’s all like “zomgnoooo” and runs
SarcasticSteven: then punches away his frustration
dabiggestDREAMer: (i am laughing out loud)
SarcasticSteven: teehee
dabiggestDREAMer: i thought he’d be like, facing some inner demons
dabiggestDREAMer: or some shit more deep than a soft dick
SarcasticSteven: lol
SarcasticSteven: another theory i conjured up is that the black chick is actually a closet lesbian who has had feelings for utada ever since they were little kids
SarcasticSteven: hence the flashbacks
SarcasticSteven: and maybe she called out her name when she was having sex with the guy
SarcasticSteven: and then the guy is all like “wtf? unless this is gonna be a threesome, i’m out”
dabiggestDREAMer: ..
SarcasticSteven: and the girl is all mixed up inside, but runs after him
SarcasticSteven: and then she’s all like “UTADA ZOMG”
SarcasticSteven: but utada goes flying like a ragdoll
SarcasticSteven: but not before she flashes a really sweet smile, because she loves her too
dabiggestDREAMer: i thought it was more best friend than lesbianism..but hey you never know XD
SarcasticSteven: they might’ve had some fling before she was dumped
dabiggestDREAMer: little children tho..i dunno
SarcasticSteven: but while utada embraced her lesbianism and always wanted her to be her last, the black chick wanted to fit in
SarcasticSteven: and it’s in the moment before the car crash that the black chick gives in and they share a moment of compassion and love

2 comments on Japanese 111 wasn’t any help.

  1. shit, you’re worse than I am. but thanks for wasting 4 minutes of my life. It didn’t even sound pretty. 😛

    (if you ever find out what it’s really supposed to be about, please tell me!)

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