Eggs and bakey

People who make dorm fire alarms should consider branching out into the alarm clock industry. That shit would not stop.

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      1. So, a floor in East Campus recently decided to clean a table. That’s impressive. They also decided to clean the above mentioned table completly- as in, pour alcohol over it and light the alcohol on fire. This turned on the sprinkler system, causing flooding to go down as far as 3 floors below.

          1. Yea, I figured Steve would know about it from you or something, ’cause every ECer I know was bitching about it. I was jsut amused at the Tech “We don’t know what caused this!” article. Nice coverup, but so amusing.

    1. My alarm clock should be hooked up to a pressure sensitive pad on my bed, so that once the alarm goes off, it doesn’t stop until I actually get off the bed. I’ve been shutting it off and going back to bed way too many times. Sometimes I’ll even wake up before my alarm goes off, then turn the alarm ahead so that I have more time to sleep before it really does go off.

  1. Oh yeah, yesterday the fire alarm hit West Campus (all three buildings at once, for some reason). I, however, happened to be at the MMO meeting (:D!) and missed most of the commotion and rushing to get out-ness. And I encountered one shivering shower casualty.

  2. holy fucking god i am going through that right NOW and it’s SO LOUD AAAGH i can at least hear people in my hall still screaming from agony

    there isn’t even an actual fire. some sprinkler broke.

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