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New comment system

Yoli told me a while ago about a plugin called Brian's Threaded/Nested Comments that modifies WordPress's comment system to give it the nested feature found in places like Livejournal and Deadjournal. As people sometimes actively engage in actual conversations with me through comments, I jury-rigged a solution that looks awfully cool and impressive. However, for holding a conversation past my response, or for very long replies, it's utter crap. So here goes nothing. Let's try out the new system!

Edit: Comment system broken. Fixing.

Edit: Fixed. Up and running. Removed the name/email requirement, but please at least put your name.

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  1. you should require names anyway. people are going to make obnoxious anonymous comments eventually

  2. ‘Tis cruel of you to make us do work but whoa, you can increase and decrease the comment box! That is sexy. Who would want it that small though?? Or do I write too much?

  3. I gotta say, this is quite nifty. Although the font size for this textbox is gigantic. Easier on the eyes, I guess.

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