Did you know Upenn provides a free escort service for its students?

I’m going on another College Trip Friday to Sunday. Hopefully we won’t have too much homework, as it’s the first week back and there are shortened periods, so I won’t have to make up too much on the bus ride. The long bus rides. It shouldn’t be that bad, but you never know how seating will turn out.

A lot of the colleges are too high-brow for me, like MIT and Harvard, but I’m very much interested in Wesleyan (in the sense that I actually have a shot, and it’s a good school). I’m going to be treating it more like a random social trip rather than a college trip, but that was my mindset last time, and I actually got pretty interested in colleges by the end of the trip. Almost all of that interest was washed away after the trip ended, but still 😛 .

During last year’s college fair at Stuyvesant:
Her: I’m going to go to the Upenn room. Wanna come?
Me: Nah, I don’t think I’ll get into Upenn. I’ll go in here.
Her: What’s that room?
Me: Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Sounds cool.
Her: You’re going in there?!
Me: (knows MIT, but doesn’t know Massachusetts Institute of Technology stood for MIT) Umm…yea? I’ll see you.
*goes inside, sees a sparsely populated room mainly comprised of smart, nerdy Asian guys, sits down*
Spokesman: Hello everyone, this room is for MIT…
Voice inside my head: MIT? What? But I thought this room is for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology…*eyes open wide* OH SHIT!

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  1. The guy ranked 3d in ou class faile dto get into UPEN early decision. This is kind of amusing, because he is the sort of a person who, upon finding out that he lost a bonus point becaus ehis bus wa slate to class starts yelling at the teacher, throws down his backpack and starts jumping on it in indignation. This is considering he has a 110 average and is NOT kidding when he does that. And he is 3d in the class of 358. And he failed to get into UPEN, when others with worse rankings got into like Columbia and Cornel. So, lol, UPENN.

    Have fun on the college trip. It certanly sounds entertaining.

  2. Hey, I’ve got a UPenn story, too. I know two seniors in my grade who applied. One was student council pres, taking the advanced classes, and very friendly and outgoing. Another got OK grades, I suppose, but she was in my government class last year (so fewer/no advanced classes) and I thought she was not the brightest crayon in the box. Not as friendly, but outgoing. But she’s captain of soccer and lacrosse, two of the few teams we have that actually win stuff. She got in and the other guy didn’t, which surprised me.

    Update when you get back from the trip… I wanna know what you saw and what you thought about it…

  3. It isn’t really a horror story, AFAIK. I mean, it sort of is, but this is the sort f guy who could probably get into like Princeotn or something. So, it is sad for him but funny for the rest of us.

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