The calm before the storm

My last day of work is tomorrow, so expect a large post soon, as I’m bound to have lots of free time before school starts on the 13th.

I finally took some decent pictures after learning more about how to use a camera (especially regarding focus and cropping).

Birdie on a fence Police car roadblock Officers on bikes

2 comments on The calm before the storm

  1. Your pictures are very nice. Zoom is good for animals, but sedating them first would help with my camera’s slow reaction time. ::mutters:: Your pidgeon is nice though.

    I think I like the police-bikers best because they are wearing spandex and I can picture them doing the YMCA much easier that way. Not that I debase the honor of the v. honorable NYPD in such manners, ever.

    Get shots of the NBC filming next time. And we can all make fun of the film people. >:D

  2. Its a pigeon!

    Did you know that if a rabid pigeon meets a very sedated badger it wins 1/1? So, in fact rabid pigeons hold the key to freeing the world from badgers. We’ll get Yoli to sedate them.

    If the above post made no sense, then I can epxlainw hy the badgers are tkaing over the world and what the signs of the apocaplyps are. it is a ncie explanation and bases on random facts that have no conenction with anything.

    Exept the badger invasion and the Spanish inquisition of course.

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