Oh, the satisfaction…

Sheer utter hotness is the only phrase that can be used to describe this site right now. Through liberal use of hacks, plugins and template modifications, I’ve made WordPress to have everything I’ve wanted in a blogging system, and then some.

Content with show/hide javascript for "more"

This is what I’m using for this post. It alters the inherent "more" feature to not only allow the original type of viewing the rest, but expanding the post on the same page. I did this in MT, but the same problem occurs: I’m unable to make multiple cuts of this type.

Hide/Cut Post Text

This is the alternative to the previous plugin. It’s a variation of the "more" feature, and though it doesn’t have the same javascript expansion effect (you travel to a new page with this one), it allows for multiple cuts in different places, not necessarily at the end of the post. It also allows me to rename the cut links, and more some odd reason I can make text visible in the index entry or the expanded entry and not the other, or neither.

Dunstan’s Time of Day

Instead of displaying a time, this plugin displays a message like "early afternoon", "late at night", or "the wee hours". More amusing than a simple time.


The What You See Is What You Get hack converts WordPress’ post creation page into one that’s geared towards people who don’t remember all the various html one uses in a post, or one who likes to view what the post will look like as they type it (seeing what they’re getting). I qualify on both accounts, so this is perfect.

Witty Text

This displays a random line from a specified text file. After much arduous work, I managed to gather select quotes from all the CTY Canon songs, totaling 132 lines altogether, so though you know all the lyrics by heart, there’ll be fresh nostalgia every time you visit.

Get Custom Field Values

You’re able to create custom fields and values with each post, but it initially wasn’t visible on the post. I honestly don’t know how you were supposed to make it visible, but its intention was to have an updatable field other than the ones given. This plugin allows you to display those fields in your posts, with a good degree of customizability to boot. I’ve configured it so that there are three custom fields for each post: mood, listening to, and comment replies. They were things I was dearly missing, and it only took a small amount of effort to get it running.

That being said, I spent nearly 10 hours working on this, a true testament to my nerdiness, devotion to a cause, and the overall 1337ness of WordPress.

3 comments on Oh, the satisfaction…

  1. I have spent about 5 minutes jsut sitting here and refreshing the blog to see thhe cannon song quotes. Utter awesome Coolness.

    *is aware she sounds like a pathetic geek, is a pathetic geek and too pathetic to care*

  2. Haha. I believe that it is most definitely worth it as you have one of the most sex layouts … ever. ::drools for a good couple minutes:: Mmm, sex. >:D

    Just fyi but the text-formatting for the show/hide script is not there. The text is currently way larger than all other text. 🙂 But d00d… still loving the sex-ness. If I weren’t getting all familiar with MT I’d consider switching too. I’ve heard WP is a lot more … user-friendly.

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