“I just watched her make the same mistakes again”

Instead of writing what I would like to think about, perhaps I’ll write about what I am thinking about. Which, in fact, is nothing. Nothing at all. I’m feeling more listless now than I have all summer. My mind doesn’t think of quips, it doesn’t think of comforting words, it doesn’t think of conversation…it just doesn’t think. It doesn’t process information. It forces laughs when they’re prompted, it forces eye contact when it’s prompted.

And yet I’m not sure what triggered it. My first day at work was spent being excited, nervous, and cheery. I talked to each and every customer with my usual gusto, left work happy, and met up with friends. And sometime between shopping with them at Bed Bath & Beyond and getting home, a part of me just stopped trying.

Perhaps I’m just tired. I dealt with a lot of people today, and had to wrack my brain for solutions to their questions. I know that I have a low quota for social activity, and I often appreciate alone time after going out with friends. But this isn’t quite a need for alone time, because not even watching TV or checking my RSS feeds provided me with any satisfaction.

I originally attributed it to loneliness. Playing with Bunnie vividly reminded me of the lack of physical contact in my everyday life. As strange as it sounds, I had never missed it before she entered my life. I had appreciated it but never felt a desire for it. She was the one who showed me what I was missing, showed me of the power she held over me. I know that simply by hugging me tightly and not letting go, she could make me forget about my deepest and most entrenched worries. Strange and unnatural for someone who relies so heavily on reason.

But now, there’s no one to go to. This is one of those rare occasions where I actually don’t know the answer to my own question. Perhaps there is an answer out there, but honestly, I don’t even know if there’s a question anymore. And there’s no one to notice that I’m not there asking or answering. The freshmen here are looking for the easygoing friends that they can become lifelong buddies with. My sophmore friends are in their own little worlds, and I suppose I’m in one of my own. The difference is…I’m not so sure I want to be in it by myself. I may have people here with me, but I certainly don’t feel like it. I feel too awkward to call attention to myself, feel embarassed when I do get attention, and yet complain that I don’t get attention?

Maybe I’m not lonely. Maybe I’m just regretting.

6 comments on “I just watched her make the same mistakes again”

  1. It will heal. Give it time. I have just gone through the same thing. It sucks. It gets better.

    I am in Boston if you want a friend or on the net/phone, if you want to talk.

  2. I considered my response to this particular post from whenever I read it to when I fell asleep, and throughout the night in scattered dream-thoughts. I unfortunately still don’t have a response worthy of you (its a hard question!) But the one thing Im sure I would’ve punctuated whatever silly response I would’ve come up with, is “do not regret.” Ever.

    Plus, you get plenty of man-love from Mikey (not your brother) And yeah, people might be in their own worlds, but theres always an open door. (Mine happens to be red and labeled 1809)

  3. Bunnie, as awesome as she is, can’t hug Steven and not let go like I could. ^_-

    I miss having you around too. I trust it will pass for both of us. I think you were tired. Work sounds weary. Sounds like so much more talking to people than last time! Good luck with that. =

    And you don’t have to be in it by yourself..

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