Month: September 2006

Japanese 111 wasn’t any help.

On this music video. SarcasticSteven: wow wtf is this about SarcasticSteven: utada is suddenly crazy emo stalker SarcasticSteven: and everyone’s going v for vendetta on their asses SarcasticSteven: and…erectile dysfunction? dabiggestDREAMer: …what? SarcasticSteven: exactly SarcasticSteven: no clue what’s going on in the music video dabiggestDREAMer: where the f*** did u get erectile dysfunction from? SarcasticSteven: […]

Ai? Hai.

I had cried that night. I was sure that if I kept my mind off of it, I could have not cried, but I wanted to. In breaking up with Cristen, out of spite and frustration and bitterness, I chose to give up. Whether it was because she couldn’t see my point, or because I […]