Month: August 2013

Microsoft Outlook

  In one of the few contests we actually enter, Megan wins a year’s subscription to Xbox Live! She demanded a celebratory photo with the cute Asian in the cute hat. This exhibitor was actually the one to convince us to play in the first place. We were first drawn in by the stress cubes: […]

Steampunk soldier

  This was the most bizarre (read: awesome) steampunk gun I’ve ever seen. First off, it was SOLID. Really solid. I definitely needed the shoulder strap for this, because you could have used this to bust a door open without leaving a dent. Upside: no worry about someone jostling into you and knocking a piece […]

Remember Me – Nilin

  Remember Me’s presence at the Capcom zone was paradoxical. There was clearly resources pumped into promoting it – they had a RM-branded photo booth, an employee to manage it, and a spot-on Nilin cosplayer with sharp, fitting clothes and an illuminated gauntlet hanging around the area. Yet the booth was dead. I would have […]

Samus and Tails

  I have no clue why these Asians are here. Why were they hanging out in front of the Mad Catz booth, posing for people? Why was the crowd gigantic? Were they hired by Mad Catz? Are these celebrities? Who was the random Tails that jumped in with them and started posing with them? What […]

Grumpy Cat

  Sophia’s Grumpy Cat costume was a big hit. Despite our reservations, people had no trouble figuring out what she was dressed up as, and that they wanted a picture with her. One of the best perks was that it allowed for effortless pairing with other cosplayers!

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