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Grumpy Cat

  Sophia’s Grumpy Cat costume was a big hit. Despite our reservations, people had no trouble figuring out what she was dressed up as, and that they wanted a picture with her. One of the best perks was that it allowed for effortless pairing with other cosplayers!


I’ve made it a point to get in this pose with Bayonetta every time I see her at a convention. I went for the hat trick this year.       As always, I get a smirk from the cosplayer and laughs from the crowd. Typically I also end up staying a few extra seconds because […]

Bear with my puns

My penchant for unnecessarily long product descriptions started when I hawked my wares in WoW, but recently I’ve found that the tendency carries over to my eBay listings as well. Fantasy games are supposed to be fantastical. World of Warcraft lets you ride around on huge bats, mechanical striders and more, but you never get […]

New comment system

Yoli told me a while ago about a plugin called Brian’s Threaded/Nested Comments that modifies WordPress’s comment system to give it the nested feature found in places like Livejournal and Deadjournal. As people sometimes actively engage in actual conversations with me through comments, I jury-rigged a solution that looks awfully cool and impressive. However, for […]


All is quiet on the eastern front (or is it the western front?). My job is going smoothly, and there’s just enough going on to stave away ennui. July 22nd and 23rd (along with an hour of the 24th) were spent at the Rochester Institute of Technology for their College and Careers program. It was […]

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