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Navigator’s melange effect – L’Arc En …l, and then word.substring(0, 4) + word.substring(6), needless to say

Total readership isn’t above five, so this isn’t as much of a race as you might think. from Yoli: -For the first three people that reply to this post, and who re-post this challenge: you win. -For your prize, I will send you a gift. -It might be something I’ve made, or something cool from […]

Wondering who would have placed after the hairy chest/treasure chest/fancy vest/failing test

From Boston University’s Show Us Your Blogs competition: The 16 finalists are listed below, in no particular order: 1. This Be My (B)log A student discusses her ongoing treatment for leukemia. 2. Alliteration Abound Video game aficionado posts on gaming and life. No, I did not win, and that’s perfectly fine. To be […]

Webhost switch

In case you’ve noticed some funniness on AlliterationAbound over the past couple days, it’s because I’ve been a lazy ass. A totally lazy ass. AlliterationAbound’s original host was LifelessPeople (LLP), which provided webhosting in exchange for a posting on their forum enough to meet a quota. While it was a wonderful system for those who […]

“My Spanish teacher told me that if I went to Mexico, I only needed to know two words: cerveza and baño.”

-Random subway rider detailing the importance of beer and bathrooms Boston University Orientation from Wednesday to Friday. Forbidden to bring my laptop (and I should try to explore, anyway…) so I’m going to be listening to my recently rediscovered iPod Nano (its case made my parents unknowingly displace it, but also made it easier to […]

Commenting fixed

I’ve updated WordPress and SpamKarma 2, so commenting should work properly now. From what I recall, when you posted a comment it would lead you to a blank page. It would end up not posting your comment; instead, it left it in the trash bin (mine too! traitor!). I’ve taken the liberty of digging through […]

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