Out of context? Of course.

V. Au: But when I let the parent sleep, the child does work. However I need the parent to die. What is my problem?
J. Lin: As long as a woman has a baby, she has no real reason to create literature.

I knew that the letter from Carnegie Mellon was way too thin to be an acceptance letter. Makes sense; what more do you need to reject someone than to flick the rapier and go into Prep C? It irks me that I have to write at least three more essays (probably more in the range of four to six). I’m lazy and it takes a while for me to actually start writing, so I may cut down my list of schools. I’m definitely applying to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and I’ve already applied to SUNY Binghamton. Possibly applying to Boston University. They’re reach/safety schools. The real variability comes from the other schools, which happen to be brand name. I’m picking and choosing from Cornell, Columbia, and Johns Hopkins. Well, mainly just Columbia and Johns Hopkins, but Cornell is still in the running.

However, if I couldn’t get into Carnegie Mellon Compsci, what chance do I have to get admitted to Ivy League schools? I’d still like to dream, which is why I’m applying to at least one, but I’d rather not waste my time on fruitless dreams (eh, tim?). So I figure I’ll get the RPI/BU(?) essays done first, and then write as many dream essays and applications as time allows. Which will, in all likelihood, be only one.

I’m taking the rejection fine. I know things will turn out for the best. I just wish I didn’t have to do more work 😛 .

Edit: Okay, did my research and finalized the list. I’m applying to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Boston University, SUNY Binghamton, Columbia, and Johns Hopkins. I’ll only have to write a short essay for BU and write an optional (hah, yea right) essay for Johns Hopkins. We’ll see what happens with those.

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