Random? Yes. Unimportant? Probably.

Mmm, 666 posts. I’ll keep it like this for a while…

Slowly and steadily I’m rebuilding the Compilation of Crazy Conversations, but since I have a shitload of logs, it’s going to take some time. I’m also increasing the quality control, considering it’s fucking huge as it is.

The links on the right panel have been brought back. I couldn’t use WordPress’ Link call because of weird issues probably relating to the CSS of the theme, so I had to sloppily plant the links there myself. As long as it works.

1 comment on Random? Yes. Unimportant? Probably.

  1. oh you’re very, bad but we all love that poem so you’re forgiven. 😛 (Was it ironic or just luck that caused that post to be about death?)

    Aw, we’re glad it’s there regardless of how you got it there because I am so awful at remembering URLs. I had to keep repeating Jihan’s new one and make myself type it manually about 20 times before I got it straight.

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