No, I can’t hear you now

I’m the last person to want to change their cell phone, but when one gets forced upon me, I can’t refuse it. Such was the case today. My mother went out and bought a cell phone from Verizon, and one came free along with it. The Samsung SCH-a650 has more features than my previous phone but not ones I would really use. There’s a planner (as if I have any plans to make), voice recognition (I’m not quite sure whether it picks up gravelly voices), a color screen (waste of battery), internet (it’s crap, and it costs money), fancy ring tones (they cost money, and I prefer the default), and games (they’re clunky, cost money, and waste battery). I guess my ideal cell phone would be one that I only had to charge once a year, with a one-line black-and-white display. *sigh* I haven’t tested out the battery life yet, so that may not be so huge of an issue.

It has a clamshell design, and though it isn’t any smaller than my previous cell phone, its screen is protected when not in use. My bookbag pocket has been made very dangerous because of the keys jingling inside it, so that’s a plus. Perhaps the only plus that I really acknowledge.

There are a few non-design changes that I appreciate. I now have 400 minutes to share with my mother, 6 steps up from my previous plan. She doesn’t use it very often. I get unlimited calling with her (though our calls are never longer than a minute), and unlimited night and weekend. I also get In calling, which means that I get unlimited minutes with other Verizon In users. I’m still gauging whether there are any people to make that a plus.

211|1 210|1

If you want to know the new number, give me yours first 😛 . Or at least some way to tell you.

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  1. You should have gone for T-Mobile, then I could call you for free. Le sigh. But as it stands i think I have your dream phone. Black&white with nothing fancy and my games include the classic snake and that bean game where you move the beans in the slots and try to get the most in your “basket.” Do you know which one I’m talking about? The only drawback is that you have to keylock (I typed “keylick” by accident and I was afraid that would give you the wrong ideas) or you end up calling random people on in your fellytone book.

  2. I think I have the same a similar phone as you. I have verizon and a samsung clamshell deal, but it doesn’t have voice recognition. It was advertised in the newspaper a few months ago on sale. Yay for sales.

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