League of Legends – Nurse Akali



After taking this picture, I thanked the cosplayer, who uncharacteristically handed me her card. Of all the pictures I take at conventions, I will probably only get two cards, so I know she means business.

I was still admiring the costume when I heard a voice pierce through the convention hall din, and out of all the other conversations, inexplicably flag itself in my brain, “Hey, Danielle! Can I get a picture?”

Then I recognize the card, the alias, and the owner. She looks different without pink hair.

She’s Danielle Panser, aka TradeChat, a YouTube personality known for her long-running state-of-the-game series for WoW and League. I had gotten out of both by the time I learned about her, but not so far removed that I didn’t feel starstruck after the fact.

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