Cassie Jo Dull from Zombie Studios



As Megan and I were speaking with Collin from Blacklight Retribution (previous pic), I catch a woman out of the corner of my eye, looking pointedly in our direction. I figure she’s a reporter or employee trying to get Collin’s attention. As we’re already talking with him, I decidedly ignore her. O:-)

It isn’t until she interjects, that I realize she wasn’t looking at Collin – she was looking at me.

“Hey, were you at the last PAX Prime? I remember you!”

We spend a few moments chatting, and then it hits me – I had wandered up to the Blacklight Retribution booth last PAX Prime to pick up a swag code (much as I was doing now), and talked with her as I got one. I recall an intelligent conversation about their upcoming game, and was pleasantly surprised that this was enough to make me stand out in her mind.

When I would later come back to pick up a code and have Collin sign it, I make sure to ask for her signature as well. Cassie Jo Dull, office manager for Zombie Studios, I look forward to seeing you at PAX Prime!

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