I’ve made it a point to get in this pose with Bayonetta every time I see her at a convention. I went for the hat trick this year.

PAX East 2010


PAX Prime 2011


PAX Prime 2012


As always, I get a smirk from the cosplayer and laughs from the crowd. Typically I also end up staying a few extra seconds because other people are taking a picture as well. Afterward I’ll get up, have a laugh with the surprised but delighted cosplayer, and we’ll go our own ways.

As usual, once I get up from this picture I start thanking the cosplayer, and I explain that I’ve made it something of a tradition to do this with every Bayonetta I meet.

She nods and replies, “Right, I remember you from last year.”

I don’t reply, and have absolutely no idea what to say or think.

“Yea, the only guys that ask for unusual poses are you and this one other guy who wanted me to roundhouse kick him in the jaw.”

I again have no idea how to feel, this time about being lumped together with Mr. Jaw Kick. We head off, and I wonder if we’ll run into one another at next year’s convention. Maybe if we do, I won’t even need to ask – we’ll simply smile, pose, then resolve to meet each other again on the show floor.

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