More of a hole in the wall, really

The strangest part about England? That a small produce store two blocks from my dorm has a perfect record of only having absolutely gorgeous women working their tills.

Pic unrelated, obviously.

This was at a work-sponsored event at the Hotel Du Vin in Bristol, where my BU hoodie stood out amongst the sea of business suits and dress shirts. During the event setup there was a lull in the preparations, so some people went downstairs to the bar to get some coffee and hot chocolate. I stayed behind as I wasn’t about to shell out any money for drinks that would be provided later. At least not until they came back and told me that it was free. *bolt*

There wasn’t occasion to have anything alcoholic, and I still don’t drink coffee, so I found out what English hot chocolate tastes like. Considering the bartender made it from a packet, it was not much different than American hot chocolate, but at least there was a good deal of cute foam on the top. I spent a nice few peaceful minutes sipping away, talking to my boss when he meandered down, before I headed upstairs for some networking as guests arrived.

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