Random things I’ve learned while here:

  • If you’re cooking meat and don’t know if you’ve cooked it long enough, do not take a bite out of it to check. Squishy = bad.
  • Rock climbing barefoot is an exercise in pain tolerance. Don’t do it.
  • A sunny day can and will turn to rain soon enough.
  • Don’t make a big pot of stew when your only dormmates are vegetarians and you have nothing to keep it in.
  • With this many side streets and footpaths, there is always a faster way of getting where you need to be.

5 comments on Tidbits

  1. Dude, yes. Taking a bite is a horrible idea. Some types of uncooked meat also make you sick, which is bad.*

    *and then you are like ‘hey, I think I am allergic to chicken! *pause* Cooked in this particular oven! *pause* By me…”

    1. I had been pretty confident everything was cooked, so I was like hey let’s kill two birds with one stone!

      There went that meal.

  2. roflwaffles.
    1)i usually take a spatula or sth and stab the meat (if the meat pieces are stirfry size) if it’s stew size chunks, fish a piece out and cut it in half. get the biggest piece you can find. squishy is indeed, quite bad when it comes to (most) meat.
    2)i will accept rockclimbing barefoot as the wild and crazy thing. that said, wtf? why put yourself through such unneccessary (sp?) pain?
    3)true true, except in the (currently) exceptionally muggy tri-state area.
    4)you couldn’t just stick the entire pot in the fridge?
    5)oooh, i love side streets and footpaths! pictures!

    1. The wall was there and I hadn’t climbed for months. I was itching for some action.

      Hah, muggy. It’s downright cold here. I need a jacket if I don’t have an uphill climb to warm me up.

      …you are a genius.

      I’m managing a post every day or every other day, so pretty pictures of those will come around eventually.

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