And I think it’s gonna be a long long time…

I was a little nervous last night, but today I’m simply excited. Not for the trip to England, no, I’m excited because I’m going to be flying business class. A few years ago this would have been called “first class” but airlines thought that having to fly “economy” was too degrading so they changed economy to first class and first class to business.

The Terraces Lounge in the British Airways terminal is a high class, spacious, well-lit waiting area for business class and club fliers. Instead of sitting on the floor by the crowded gate, in the lounge you don’t have to hear babies cry and kids complain, every single chair is plush, there are English and American snacks (from Milanos to cheddar cheese to Walkers cookies), and in the corner of the picture you will see a sign that says Pre-Flight Supper.

This isn’t just some sandwich and chips deal, no, this is a ritzy multi-course meal. Adobo marinated flank steak, samosas with mango chutney, stuffed fish, salad bar, fresh fruit…probably the last good meal I will have in a while considering neither my roommate nor I can cook. They serve us in the airport so that they can give business class fliers a quieter flight, with no hubbub of a flight attendant delivering meals. Of course that’s not going to stop me from asking for a bottle of water and some peanuts for the four hour ride to Exeter once I get off the plane.

I keep hearing British accents around me, and I can already tell that it’s going to be fun in England. My flight may be delayed to a thunderstorm outside, but I’m in no rush considering where I’ll be waiting. More to come once I get a picture of the cabin that costs four times as much as economy.

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