Always tryin ta keep the brotha down…

I managed to convert my usual procrastination tendencies (a response to my workload) into posting energy.

The SATs went fine. They gave us an awfully bullshit writing topic, one that bordered on philosophical. It seemed to go along with the trend that started with the first SAT writing topic, but not with most of our practice tests. I was able to flow with it, though, and relate it to an anecdote as well as a literary text. So what if I used the text in a completely different manner than it was written for? SAT prep had already trained me to be cold, callous, and without morals. That’s how I went from getting 2/6 to 6/6 on my essays: by stretching truths. It worked on my practice test when I said that Britain devised the Zimmerman telegram to draw the US into WWII (no real proof, so half true), and hopefully it’ll work when the examiners read that Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World described a society where each person had been trained from birth to fill a certain role in that society, and was completely content (true, but he used it to criticize society, not support it). Tentative scores come out tomorrow.

The college trip (over a month ago) was great. It introduced me to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and SUNY Binghamton, both of which I’m very interested in, and I had a very fun time with friends, even if they do barge in your room and try to undo the chain lock with the Do Not Disturb sign. There was wild Family Guy, Monty Python, and phone sex goodness, with a bit of Chobits mixed in there too. Combine it with very cool pitch-blackness on the ride back, and it pretty much tempers the fact that the rules about bus switching were very strict.

Happy birthday, dear.

There’s a bit more randomness to show you, with a little porn thrown in there. ( x x x x x x )

It’s oddly amusing to discover through the AIM virus that you’re on your girlfriend’s ex’s buddy list.

5 comments on Always tryin ta keep the brotha down…

  1. Brave New World’s an awesome book (I read it in E2FC). Oh, how I’d love to read it again!

    thank you. 🙂

    random picture observations: wow, you somehow managed to get that balloon at the perfect angle for a picture. and oooh shar’s in your health class!! (aka the ninja who can see other ninjas).

  2. “It’s oddly amusing to discover through the AIM virus that you’re on your girlfriend’s ex’s buddy list.”

    O___O; oii

  3. Hey, I read somewhere that the SAT grading drones don’t care if you’re factually correct as long as you fill up as much space as possible and your writing is pretty good.

  4. Oh I can just imagine what the Nathan’s people feel for you. *snicker* You’ve got some very talented (graffiti) artists at your school.

  5. oh man. i like died on the sat. but two readers gave me a six on my essay. and i totally butchered great expectations and mccain’s story while forgetting his NAME altogether. oh my.

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