Third time’s a charm

Going on the third and final College Trip this week. Leaving early Friday morning, coming back late Saturday night. During this shorter trip, we’ll be visiting upstate colleges (SUNYs and Cornell stick out in my mind). Nothing grand, but it’s not like I had a shot at going to those Ivies anyway. Regardless, it’ll be a fun trip, hopefully with a variant of McGuire.

The main problem I see is the hotel accomodations. There are four people in the room, and two beds. The guys I’ve roomed with seem to have this natural instinct to set up a one-bed-one-person rule. I don’t have any problem with sharing a bed, especially if it would otherwise mean me sleeping on the floor, but it’s awfully awkward to ask someone, “Hey, would you mind if I slept with you?” Come on.

Last time it wasn’t as bad. Three people over two days meant that while someone would get a bed both times, someone would sleep in a bed at least one out of the two nights. If this trip were two nights, it wouldn’t be as bad, because everybody would sleep in a bed once, easy as that. But when there are two short straws to be distributed among four people, there’s going to be some conflict. I assume we’re going to whip out the TI-83s again to roll some dice and find out who’s getting the bed, but I’ll see if I can play on people’s fear of my genitals to guarantee a bed for myself.

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  1. We had a similar thing on the DC trip, although it was 3 people for 2 beds and only 1 night. In any case, the frst time I got the single bed on the following explanation:

    “Kate, last time you slept over at my house, you fell asleep watching TV. From my bed I poked you in the shoulder, at which point you proceeded to get up, punch me, and deny the entire thing in the morning.”

    I swear, I don’t remember that happening.

    That said, sleeping bags are good. If I was going this year I would bring a sleeping bag. Of course, I am not going to DC this year; I am going to Boston because of damn scheduling things and I have to bring a sleping bag.

  2. What about the cot thing? Call down and ask for a cot, or two, and then you can hit on the bellboys and guarantee yourself a personal bed—or get laid with one of those fine and lovely gentlemen you’re staying with. I’m not responsible for you aneurysm, btw.

  3. whoa, I just got stopped by Spam Karma for the last comment. :O I thought I should let you know, apparently I can’t talk about teh sexxx anymore without … 🙁

  4. i was thinking about how i don’t understand why males are generally so repelled by other males. then your ti-83 line distracted me. that’s great ;D

  5. as long as you have your own bed at home to be comfy in… 🙂

    psh, i’d rather be awkward and appear really gay than to risk having to sleep on the floor. but that’s just me. 😛

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