Think it. Be it.

You know you’re a computer science geek when you get excited and happy about the improved efficiency of linked lists with tails after learning linked lists, or the convenience of arraylists after learning lists.

I’m such a computer science geek.

You also know you’re a geek that doesn’t like American Studies when your American Studies notes have parts that look like:

I. Anti-Immigrant Hysteria
___C. Some lynching and renaming of food

___B. 1890 Sherman Antitrust Act was ineffective (we do not hold the beach, say again, we do
not hold the beach…)

I’m such a geek that doesn’t like American Studies.

4 comments on Think it. Be it.

  1. But you comp sci geeks are so cooooool =D

    And I don’t see why anyone would like American Studies. Boo history.
    Did you actualy *gasp* catch up with all your American Studies homework?? 😮

  2. Some lynching and renaming of food

    I remember that… it was in the last chapter of the APUS textbook we had to read. They renamed hamburgers and something else (maybe sauerkraut?) during WWI. No mention of lynchings, though. Our textbook writers are weird… they tell you the height of almost every president described (I think Roosevelt #1 was 5’10″…). They like to take liberties with their prose, too- lots of alliteration and stuff.

    …Do you really take notes in outline format? I don’t usually take notes in APUS b/c my teacher doesn’t lecture. We just have off-topic discussions and have to read the textbook/learn stuff on our own.

  3. haha. You comp sci geeks compose a large percentage of my friends so I love you all dearly, even if I can never follow what you’re all talking about. 😛

    Don’t knock on us History Geeks though, eh? You forgot about immigration quotas and Sherman Anti-Trust was not only ineffective it was well, used the opposite way. (Like that makes sense. Le sigh)

  4. I used to start labelling stuff with 0. Actually I’d go with 1, but inevitably need to insert stuff in the begining so every list began with 0. And then you had wonderful conversations about Item 1 where nobody knew what the other person was talking about.

    I like APUSH though. I mean first of all the title sounds like a plushie. Second of all, it has such gems as the Mexican American war and the Spot Resolutions. I mean, its bloody hillarious.

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