Physics is phun

SarcasticSteven (9:32:01 PM): i don’t get transverse/harmonic [waves]
SarcasticSteven (9:32:18 PM): oh
SarcasticSteven (9:32:20 PM): never mind
ProdigalElement4 (9:34:08 PM): eh?
ProdigalElement4 (9:34:14 PM): u might wanna splain that then
SarcasticSteven (9:34:34 PM): ok
SarcasticSteven (9:34:37 PM): think of it like this
SarcasticSteven (9:35:00 PM): you’re taking a piss
SarcasticSteven (9:35:12 PM): you’ve got a monstrous penis, so you fire it more or less in a straight line
SarcasticSteven (9:35:13 PM): now
ProdigalElement4 (9:35:14 PM): hehe, this is the weapon thing all over again
SarcasticSteven (9:35:16 PM): bear with me
ProdigalElement4 (9:35:22 PM): rawr
SarcasticSteven (9:35:25 PM): you’re feeling antsy
SarcasticSteven (9:35:34 PM): so you start jumping up and down as you water your toilet bowl
SarcasticSteven (9:35:46 PM): that movement is perpendicular to the piss
SarcasticSteven (9:35:53 PM): that’s a transverse wave being formed
SarcasticSteven (9:35:55 PM): however
SarcasticSteven (9:36:04 PM): you then feel the urge to practice some basic sex motions
SarcasticSteven (9:36:12 PM): so you start thrusting back and forth, quagmire style
SarcasticSteven (9:36:22 PM): that movement is in the same direction as the piss
SarcasticSteven (9:36:28 PM): that’s a longitudinal wave being formed
SarcasticSteven (9:36:56 PM): makes sense?
ProdigalElement4 (9:38:11 PM): yep
ProdigalElement4 (9:38:13 PM): hehe
ProdigalElement4 (9:38:22 PM): u make learning fun, quagmire style
SarcasticSteven (9:38:24 PM): i like unorthadox explanations
SarcasticSteven (9:38:32 PM): but i can’t ever be a teacher
ProdigalElement4 (9:38:36 PM): hehe
SarcasticSteven (9:38:39 PM): i’d be fired once i started making thrusting motions

Extra credit regents exam problem from our latest physics test: What physical phenomenon explains the absence of a kloomphargen in any carnistigian garbfurshken (as often seen on the planet Boolnoggin) unless in the presence of a gallanpurnachtschlagen (with a tallundagmishken kurpglargen, of course)? (2 points)
Actual answer: Resonance. Our teacher told us that whenever we see a regents physics question we don’t know, but deals with sound, answer resonance.
My answer: While the kloomphargen is most comfortable in its native carnistigian garbfurshken, the climate of such carnistigian garbfurshken is different due to the increased atmospherical pressure on planet Boolnoggin. This change can be negated if a gallanpurnachtschlagen is present because of the gravitational forces that they exert. However, for the gallanpurnachtschlagen to survive the initial onslaught of xanhydrophosphoric malenters, they must be equipped with tallundagmishken kurpglargen. Standard-issue models are fine. Physics textbooks would increase the time gallanpurnachtschlagens stay on planet Boolnoggin, because physics is so damn interesting. Word.

He circled the letters r, e, s, o, n, a, n, c and e within my paragraph, and gave me half a point, which rounded up to one. I got 71 out of 70 points.

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  1. P.S. Your science teacher sounds cooler than my science teacher. I don’t like my science teacher… can’t stand being in that class. Haven’t gotten over a 90 (make that 80-85) on any of my tests, either.

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