When I go to college, I’m taking my hard drives with me

Despite very uninformative subway posters and somehow avoiding all the commercials, I saw Saw. Let me just say,


that was a great movie. It’s the best scary film I’ve ever seen, beating out Jason X (which wasn’t scary, but had softcore sex scenes and hot chicks, and actually made me laugh due to its stupidity) and Freddy versus Jason (which was neither scary nor funny, but had raunchier sex scenes, and explained the interesting backgrounds of both Freddy and Jason). First off, the gore. It wasn’t no-holds-barred, but they certainly did not take any liberties to cover up the gore. It also happened that the traditional scary scenes, where the bad guy pops out, were really scary. Perhaps it was just me. I don’t see a lot of scary movies. The ones I do see turn out to be jokes (see previously mentioned movies).

So Saw hits all the points of a traditional scary movie. However, there’s also a number of thought-provoking themes in the movie. It’s similar to Phone Booth in that the bad guy targets people who’ve been leading an immoral life, and traumatizes them to a point where they either die or become reformed for life. That’s all I can really say, but there’s a progression of plot twists that make it more than just random violence. However, I can say that the last scene/ending is full of surprises, and makes you want to watch the movie over again.

In slightly less R-rated news, I took a break from Naruto and started watching Read or Die. Another divergence, because I’m not sure


I’m watching it and I’m at the halfway point. Everything’s pretty normal so far. Famous author, goes to the airport to meet an escort composed of fans of hers, drives away. Minor action scene, but nothing drastic. More random sappy stuff in present day affairs, my interest in the anime is waning. Then HOLY FUCKING SHIT the the anime takes a giant turn to the supernatural. Does nobody notice that these girls are manipulating paper like it was animate? It then dips back into normal-world mode, only to take an even bigger turn to the supernatural later on. Read or Die gets kudos for being to catch me completely off-guard twice in an episode.

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  1. I only saw 1/3 of the OVA (yeah, yeah…) but Yomiko Readman’s powers are in fact manipulating paper. And the OVA was both bad and funny at the same time. I am not sure what to think. Except maybe, yay, book geeks? or, maybe *should actually watch more befor emaking opinion*. Mer.

    Naruto’s OK. Kakashi rocks.

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