Estoy saliendo

I will try to inform everyone that I know visits the site, but because some of you may be lurkers, I’m taking extra pains to inform you as well. will be moving to . Yes, it’s longer, but I’m willing to risk a greater chance of getting carpal tunnel syndrome for greater ease of typing as well as increased coolness. And the coolness factor is what this is all about, after all. I’m retaining the host, but switching from a subdomain to a domain account, and will subsequently have to alter a plethora of things to make WordPress (and Coppermine, for that matter) compatible with its new home.

So give me a few days to get everything running. This is the first time I’ve done a switch where I wanted to keep everything intact, and I may still goof despite directions. But now you know. *is absolved of all responsibility*

I will be performing the export of this site’s MySQL databases tonight, so anything added tomorrow and beyond at dreamer will not be at the new site. That means if you have something you want to say to me and to the world, but have it erased forever soon after, tomorrow is the perfect time.


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  1. hi there i’m the first to comment. go me! hmm. so tell us when you do get around to moving, will ya? in the meantime, i’ll summarily forget about the move and go about my boring life and start to wonder from time to time why you’re not updating anymore and your site’s all wonky….

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