Did I ever tell you I love American Studies?

On Friday, the two American Studies classes went on an almost-all day field trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and then Central Park. I found the MET to be as boring as ever, because we completely skipped the Arms and Armor exhibit in favor of the American art and furniture exhibits. Bummer. I still got to see naked ladies, but what about the rapiers, flintlock pistols, or shining suits of armor? No, Washington’s sword does not count.

And then we went to Central Park to understand what the fuck these stoned philosophical writers were thinking when they wrote the books we’re now reading in class. We got to eat lunch by a very beautiful pond, and we even enjoyed the strong winds and chilly air.

After eating, our teacher told us to meet at Bay Bridge in 20 minutes, but did not tell us how to get there. We had a map and an emergency cell phone number, but that was it. Due to my slightly faulty sense of direction, we ended up going southeast when we were supposed to go southwest (it’s not like we had a compass), and were promptly lost. We went in a circle, passing by a landmark we passed by 10 minutes ago, but Spiderman gave us directions. Yes, Spiderman. We had come across two horse-drawn carriages, the driver of one being dressed in a Spiderman outfit. He was very helpful, and though we were tempted to pay him to drive us, our limited funds made us content with being pointed in the right direction. We eventually got to where we were supposed to be, not being first or last, but being the only group who could say that Spiderman showed them the way.

I neglected to get a picture of Spidey, but these will have to do.

204|1 205|1 206|1 207|1 208|1 199|1 201|1 197|1 200|1 198|1 202|1 203|1

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  1. Ilov ethe Met. I alwyas start with the japanese collection, then go into Arms and Armour and explore. Sometimes, but not always I visit the awesome egyptian colelctions. The one with the ponds and pyramids. Not so much anymore though. But it is like a ritual every time I visit. Yay Met.

    Oh and the Green Goblin rocks.

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