“When am I gonna learn? Why? Cause I’m tired of hating…”

I’ve sometimes tied my shortcomings to my overwhelming tendency to plan things out. This applies not only to situations that have not occured yet, but to situations that are occuring in the present. While a planned gift and speech can and has worked well in the past, many situations come and go faster than my brain can think through them. This is most often noticed when things of that particular nature are involved, because are not always so obvious in the signals they send out. The remedy for this would be, of course, to become more spontaneous and act rather than think.

But what would that make me? If a punk rocker was told that he would get more chicks if he renounced his punk-rocky ways, there would be a drastic change should he follow that advice. He would reshape his entire personality, changing the basis on which friendships had been formed in the past. People may have liked him for who he was, barring that sole personality trait. However, removing that trait created a domino effect that made a whole new person.

It’s all speculation, but for the time being, speculation is what I do. Even in a matter where speculation is the thing I want to get rid of, I’d like to make sure it’d be worth it. However, the debate stems from the fact that I don’t really know whether the change would be worth it in the end. I’m content with who I am right now. If I were to live the rest of my life the way things are going, I could manage and have a decent life. However, people are always looking for a way to improve themselves, and I have to admit that I’m no exception. The choice between this life and a better one isn’t really a choice.

Yet would that life really be a better one? It’s hard enough imagining myself being more impulsive (this was a start, I’ll admit). So lend me your thoughts on this. If I was to change, what kind of person do you think I would end up being?

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  1. First of all, I am your friend not because you plan stuff out – I did not know you did that, even. And I want to say that I will be your friend no mater what – but that is not true, really, because San Francisco is awesome and if you nuke it, I will refuse to admit our acquinticeship to the police. But barring that or a blatant refusal of my friendship…

    Second…I could share personal experience. I changed myself a few times, but I did it because I convinced myself that I have to in order to stay sane. I thought that I would have gone crazy otherwise. Sometimes I think that I have gone crazy, in fact, just a different sort of crazy. It comes down to the fact that I would rather be happy than depressed, I suppose.

    Then there was one itme, when I tried to change exactly for the reason you explained in the example – it seemed that it would be quite way to get guys and stuff. I spent awhile thinking about it, stressing out and ultimatly went on vacationa nd decided it didn’t matter. So, I guess I failed – but then again, it was a 180^ change. I am happy I didn’t make it.

    What it comes down to, is I suppose, how much you want to change. If you are happy with yourself, you shouldn’t stress out about it. I mean, you shouldn’t be afraid of non- planed activites, but at the same time, stressing about it is silly. Do fun stuff. Have fun. Don’t get into trouble. If you do not have to do it, than it doesn’t really matter. Nobody is perfect and people who have fun in their lives are way better than more-perfect people who don’t.

    All IMO, of course. I hope that answered the question.

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