Minor linkage

Guess I shouldn’t bother at all.

It’s like whoring yourself out, but to promote democracy.

3 comments on Minor linkage

  1. I tried studying japanese one summer. I just got stuck trying to pronounce vowels. Then I gave up and decided to take it in college. ‘Cause anime-junkies aren’t as bad as people ascribe them to be. And they rock.

    I also think you should get a livejournal. It would allow you access to my friends-only LJ posts, Yolanda’s LJ and I am sure there will be some other grand perk in it as well.

  2. Haha, the learning Japanese thing is funny. I like anime, but rabid wannabe Japanese poseurs worry me. Also I don’t like it when people use Japanese words in everyday writing, because it just sounds foolish to call someone “-chan” or whatever in a fanfic/post/whatever when everything else is English… /rant

    “Politeness depends on many things, such as age of the speaker, age of the person being spken to, time of day, zodiac sign, blood type, sex, whether they are Grass or Rock Pokemon type…” XD

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